Where can I find SEOs or good link builders?

Do you know any good SEO companies or freelancers that you could recommend?

I need link building and SEO services for my websites:


BTW, I have 5k$ budget for each website. Do you think it’s enough?

it’s a good budget, but personally i would invest in getting a series of articles written relevant to your niche and then post these using an article submission site like isnare.com. don’y pay more than $10 for an article. longer term this is better than link building from dubious sites

I would see what could be done first. Article submission is probably the best way to go.

You could also do some Press Releases and Blog Posting. It would help in getting the traffic as well as serve as valuable back links

I am also seo. can i help you?

you can get seo experts from their blogs and article. Surf on google, it helps you lot.

if you are looking for seo companies then click on the following links

Just visit and sign up at getafreelancer.com, scriptlance.com elance and other freelance sites that will sure help you to get good link builing and seo services.

Do some research before hiring any one, you should at least understand what seo is, then you will know what kind of people you should hire.

There are many scams out there. Learn something first.

There are freelancer websites out there like odesk.com. You can open a job and for sure there are many SEO specialist going to apply for it. Then its up to you if who’s your going to pick up. Of course you need to interview then and check their portfolio.

I more recommend you learn by your own, is for long term strategy.

Why not using some seo tools like Axandra,webCEO and do the SEO for yourself,instead of giving it to someone else.

My best advice is to read up on SEO so you can be a more informed buyer. That way, you can outsource easily. I suggest you read up on seo techniques, from a place like www.seomindset.com, and then purchase the Link Building Bible 2010 so you don’t lose money on hiring someone to build links to your site.

Come on 5000$ budget for PLR craps who are going to believe that :wink:

And don’t tell me you didn’t type backlinks services on Google …

I see a lot of people recommending ARTICLEs, but I think links are still useful.

Maybe split your budget. Spend $2500 on articles and getting them submitted etc and spend the reminaing $2500 on building up links.

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Hi Johnny27,

5k per site is plenty. Just make sure to check out the people you are dealing with on here. Try and understand the services they are selling(if you don’t ask questions). Make sure they can provide an example or sample of their work. Finally, check their Itrader account for past dealings or ask for reviews from other members who have used their services before. Hope this helps and good luck on your sites!

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