Link building and advertising

Need to do some link building and advertising for my page: Will pay a SEO company to do the job. Can anyone recommend a company that they have experience with

make sure that the links you are paying for will still be your links when you are no longer working with that SEO company. So many SEO companies do a great job building links, but take them back once the last payment is received.

i think the marketplace would suit for this post…

Certainly, more than one springs to mind, in fact. What kind of website is it?

What’s your main SEO requirements?

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You can find people that do link building in just about any forum, but be careful that you don’t focus on “cheap” mass methods. :wink:

In other words, you’ll find plenty of people can get you 50,000 links for ~$50, but the links are spammy and most will never get indexed, or they can have a negative affect on your rankings.

If you want a linkbuilder, go to There are lot of professional link builders in that site. You can pay them hourly or fixed rate.

As long as you do a background check on the link builder. The thing is sure someone can get you links and sure they may be indexed but are they worth anything?

I can recommend odesk for your problem. They have quality linkbuilders and seo experts in there but try to interview the ones that have the best working history so you’ll have a positive result.

There are lots of free lancing websites and forums you can check there,i think it will help you more in finding some suit able and cheap SEO linkbuilding for your site.

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i agree odesk is the best place to look for, just screen them first to receive quality works.