Paying an SEO company

I’ve just launched a new website and am looking to get some links in from various sources: directories, social bookmarking, blog comments, article marketing, etc. I did some Google searching to find a good SEO company who offers this type of promotion in packs and came across for example submitqueen.

Would you recommend paying an SEO company like that for a new site? If so which company would you suggest?

I have never used a company, but I have used a few outsourced workers. This saves me a lot of time and at the same time I manage them myself and tell them what to do. I have been doing seo for a while which makes things easier since I know what works and what doesn’t.

Personally all you need to know about SEO can be gleaned from a simple web search, there is nothing secret about SEO, there are standard practices that if followed will help your site, a paid SEO consultant is exposed to the same level of info you can get from a simple web search

Since there are too many SEO companies online. It’s better to check their portfolio so that you’ll have a better idea on how those companies work.

I think paying to a seo company would be the best bet…some automated software are there but they are really not helpful in generating the backlinks for your site…

Before paying any SEO company it is important to get them to provide references. Find out who they have done work for and ask those site or business owners if they are pleased. Some of them are great at getting you to rank high on a keyword that may have little to no benefit or they over promise and under deliver.

I think that would defeat the purpose of outsourcing. Instead of focusing on your core business, it would take so much of your time just to give everyday instructions to different people; might as well do the SEO, content writing and such by yourself.

As for outsourcing with a company, you only have to speak with a team leader and he’ll be the one to assign who’s to do what. No muss, no fuss.

anyone who says they can get you to no 1 with a promise is lying, because there not google, and secondly anyone who says they can do it instantly is also lying, it can take 6-9 months for page one in most industries and then its a ongoing process to keep you there indefinatly.

Good luck with that :lol:

I would say a google seo company would be rather good at this. Of course finding a good one is easier said than done, but essential as a bad company may put your site at risk with poor tactics.

So your looking purely for link building? Let me know.

Basically, I see two reasons why you should resort to SEO outsourcing:

  1. To save you from spending way too much on overhead costs for from hiring, training, and operations and 2. It is best to hire an outsourcing company with a solid structure for search engine optimization, added with Western management operating the business. This is to ensure that they can follow as to whatever objectives you have in mind.

Keep in mind though that a constant and open communication will make it easier for you and your outsourced vendor to slowly build your goals.

I aggree completely

Billy, be careful. Just do your homework on the company. The easier way out is to use someone that knows how to do IM and get results. This is time consuming, so unless you have alot of time, use an IM Company with credability. Have you looked at WSI? They have franchisees all over the globe, mostly in the USA, Canada and UK.

just do your research on the company, a lot of SEO companies drastically over charge

You lauched a new website and you want to get some links, directories, social bookmarking, blog and article marketing. And it’s really great you are serious about its page rank. If you are looking for a SEO keep all the thing in mind (chris77). All his suggestions are really very important for you. A SEO will definately help you to get some good links from various sources. :smiley:

9 times out of 10 an SEO company is wasted $$ on management fees. If you can watch an hour of TV a day that’s an hour you can be submitting to directories or article submission websites. Also seo is really a longterm process and requires dedication on both ends.

You can hire some freelance SEO specialist on some outsourcing sites such as Elance and Odesk. Make sure to see their portfolios before hiring them, just to be sure of their previous work.

If the company is competent, they save you a lot of work and are pretty expensive. If they’re not competent, your site may be dumped by google and others. Some companies will get you a lot of traffic at first and then the traffic dies off shortly after you pay them the rest of the money. Before you hire a company, make sure you get guarantees on what work they will perform and proof they performed it (screen captures). The more secretive or less willing they are to communicate with you, the less you should use the company. Use a credit card that you’ve had success with getting your money back. Get a phone number for their comany and make sure you call to see if it works.


Hello Chris,

Thank you for the great information! I’ll definitely keep that in mind when looking for an SEO company.