Link building services?

I am considering looking for a link building service to use to increase backlinks to my site and raise my seo. I am not sure where to begin or what to expect, and was wondering if anyone here has used such a service, and if so how it went. Is there a service that is respected and known to be safe? Or any other insights anyone may have…?

I have you consider using Pad file submission? I just started do this and my keywords has jumped to the 1st page. if you are interested in trying let me know buy pm me

What you should expect is to be well and truly shafted … the vast majority of link building offers out there are complete scams. Pretty much the only way they can get the number of links they promise at a price you will contemplate is to post them all in dodgy neighbourhoods, which at best will bring you no googlejuice at all, and at worst will get you investigated by the net cops and dropped or even de-listed altogether.

Remember, you know your industry, your context and your location. Someone sat in an attic thousands of miles away trying to build links for everything from hotels to car sales to software engineering doesn’t know any of that. Even if he is trying (and that’s pretty unlikely), the chances are he won’t know where to start finding good sites to link from. On the other hand, if he has specialist knowledge of your field and is any good, he’s going to be charging so much that it would be cheaper to do it yourself…


The reality is here is that you need top quality link building services and the large percentage of clients out there arent prepared to pay the costs of using the best out there.

The major thing about quality link building is it takes time and effort and then some knowledge and the greater the knowledge probably more the cost and more the success.

I suppose its why the big companies are always at the top of the search engines.

We have been succesful with our site in all round SEO but if I had billed my time over the last 12 months it would be close to 100,000 dollars and safe to say the sites havent earned a 100,000

It is good to hire a seo specialist or company but you should know who you work with.

It all depends of your future and do you want in future to do linkbuilding yourself. If you want to learn, then do it alone.

SEO company can help alot because many things that you will do 10 days they will do in a few hours.

If you want article submission, you can do 100 submits to that have weight as 10 good article sites. So, knowledge and experience can be your problem.

Thanks very much for the responses. I appreciate the experience and advice you both are offering here, which clarifies exactly what I was wondering about. What you’re saying makes complete sense. I am focused on creating a site with excellent content and I post new articles a couple of times per week. I have however been weak on the link building end so I am looking at ways to get rolling with that, in as effective a way as I can without creating problems for myself with bad links etc. I’ve done some manual link building, and it just takes time so I’m looking at options…

OK thank you again!

Personally, I wouldn’t bother with SEO companies. Many know very little and use various forums to get answers themselves. Their fees are ridiculous and not worth your hard earned money. Your best bet is to ask for links manually yourself from quality sites. Always make sure your content is tops so other sites will want to link with you. Good luck.

if you don’t mind, I’d like to see a couple of answers to this question myself.

There can be quite a few pitfalls to link building services, so you have to be careful what you are buying. One of the first things you should do is request to see examples of sites that have have used their service, and then check the back links of that site using yahoo. Look carefully over those links and see where they are positioned and the quality of the pages displaying the links.

I can recall a few instances of people freaking out because they had lost ranking and their link was next to dozens of other links related to things like gambling and pharmaceuticals. When you see blocks of low quality or unrelated links together, those are the kind that google will often treat as “paid links”, and actively penalize the site displaying them, the site who bought them, or both. And google is never going to say they did it, but you may just find that getting ranking is an even greater struggle than before.

Another pitfall can be blogs or article sites full of completely unrelated stories that were posted there, not because they expected people to read them, but because they want search engines to find those links in the blog posts and rank the sites as a result.

One area where that I am particularly familiar is link directories. There are quite a few places where you can sign up to get people to submit to directories. has a great list of directories, and they do a pretty good job or weeding out the low quality directories. Google employee Matt Cutts has commented that directories are okay if they meet certain criteria such as not accepting all links, and having a review process.

Now I will say that people that get too inlvolved in “link building” commonly are under involved in “site building”. The real secret is building a site that people love and want to return to again in the future. Once you have that step right, you will start to grow FROM the traffic search engines provide. As long as you are depending solely on search engines, it is going to be somewhat a struggle.

So use link building to get yourself on the map, but then work hard to make your site a place worth visiting and continue to improve it over time. It often takes longer than you would like but it is worth the effort if you have a good plan. It took me a few years to get somewhere.

Good luck!

I suggest to hire a Staff leasing company instead of a freelancer. because leased staff are permanent workers of a company and are easy to reach in case you need them. Freelancers do not have employers so they do as they please and sometimes cannot be contacted for various reasons.

Outsourcing is a business that trust is the first requirement. Business won’t grow if you haven’t trusted the company that you’re working with. This business has it pros and cons, you just need to find the right company, ask for samples and client references so you can decide. There are lots of outsourcing providers who pretend to be the best, that’s why you need to be careful and look for the reputable ones.