Outsourcing - Link Building or Package Deal?

SEO is no easy task, and with a large budget, outsourcing it gives me the time to focus on extra quality content.

This doesn’t mean I am not seeking the best value for my money. It seems to me there are two options when deciding on how to outsource this SEO.

I can pay $700 for:
3000 dir submissions
3 articles each submitted to 500 article sites
1 link wheel 75 web 2.0 pages
3000 profiles 1 link per profile for each site

I can repeat this effort on several different ‘landing pages’ on my website. Maybe spend $3500 total. This method worked well for one of my sites, one round of the above brought my site to #1 in Google for my biggest keyword.


I can pay an established SEO firm $2000 - $3000 a month for:

-link building
-on page seo

Now, with Wordpress as my CMS, and a good understanding of architechting a site to be crawled effectively by Google, I don’t see lots of value in on page SEO. Going to an established firm puts some worries to rest as I’m sure they’d be capable of acheiving similar or better results as just a simple link building package.

I ask you this question…would there be more value in hiring an SEO Firm or paying for link building packages?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I treat link building packages very much as “you get what you pay for”. That is, you’ll be one of hundreds or thousands of sites they work through the same package on and you shouldn’t expect a high level of care, custom service, or really high quality backlinks.

But if you’re happy with that, and for many sites that’s a good enough service to get some backlinks, then it’s value for money to pay that once-off fee.

If I was employing a SEO firm on a monthly retainer I’d expect a much higher level of service, more attention to detail, higher quality backlinks being built, and for the SEO firm to be well aware of SEO risks and provide advice accordingly. I’d also need them to provide reporting on the work they are doing for you and how they are performing against what you asked them to do, to justify the ongoing partnership and cost.

Thanks for the quality response.

I agree with you on most all what you said. However, i’m under the impression that most SEO Firms use the same link building techniques (dir submissions, artile writing, etc.) One discrepancy in that theory that I can think of would be firms who have there own set of blogs, or relationship with site owners who are willing to put reviews, or links on their page. This could very well be the difference between a 1st page and 2nd page result.

Now i’d agree that the quality of an SEO Firm is better, for the reasons you described. But say for 1 month at 2k as opposed to $650 for the link building package, wouldn’t it seem like more value to use the extra $1350 to pay a writer to write 10 high quality content articles? What about using that $1350 torwards a PPC campaign torward an opt in page?

I’m coming to my own conclusions here but i’m guessing, the only real good way to tell is to test it yourself.

Anymore input is appreciated.

However, i’m under the impression that most SEO Firms use the same link building techniques (dir submissions, artile writing, etc.)

People normally go under the same impression but to those who feel like this I would suggest that in order to do link-building to your site the only basic marketing technique is to get involved in the community around your topic. Interact and contribute on #forums and #blogs. And of course those who perform this should keep in mind to contribute in a positive way, rather than spamming or soliciting for your site.

So I mean to say that the traditional SEO methods will not change until search engines consider relevancy and popularity as the two main factors to a site to consider ranking in their results page.

Yes agree with you on trying multiple options. That money could be better spent on content writers and/or PPC, whether it’s better value for your site comes down to which tactic works better to improve rankings/drive traffic/conversions, whatever your objective is.

If you are comfortable doing the other SEO tasks that a firm might do (onpage optimisation, mitigating risks, consulting, advice, strategy) then yes, paying $2-3k really just for them to linkbuild is pretty expensive.

You’ve got plenty of ideas so i reckon you should test each of them, maybe 1-2 months at a time, to see what works best for your site.