Is Hostgator the best deal out there for hosting?

I am in the market for a hosting company and I heard Hostgator was pretty good but I wanted to get some solid opinions here before I went ahead and actually used their service. Can any of you offer your 2 cents about what you think of them in your past experiences?

All advice is greatly appreciated

Thanks for all your help, you guys are truly great!:wink:

Personnally I love dreamhost. I also have a hostgator account, but they have hidden/surprise prices in domain names which I don’t like!

It highly depends on your requirements. While HostGator are a very respectable host there is many un-known hosts that provide the same even better service/features.

Hostgator is one of the biggest web hosting company. They have good reviews and thousand happy customers

Very good uptime, very good server performance compared to 8 of their direct competitors.

Uptime records of my shared hosting accounts:

Personally I went with hostpc dot com. They offer everything HG does for about a quarter of the price. Also, a priority for me is the DirectAdmin control panel and they have it. If you have more than one domain on an account it handles the extra domains a lot better. All your domains are in one folder with no directory structure, just an alphabetical order.

In fact you can change your default domain it 2 very simple steps. The first step takes 3 clicks, one to open ‘domain admin’, one to select the domain you want to be the default domain now, and one to save the change.

The second step takes just a bit longer. You wipe the sweat off, pour a double brandy, relax and take a break before attacking your next big job.

Try changing your default domain for one of your other domains in cpanel and let me know how it goes.

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I’m also aggreed with ~serverpoint~, I remembered when the Hostgater’s server occur some problem when their want to upgrade the database system,I contact them immediately, they give me a feedback politely, and the situation became normal again. Just 3 minutes. Realibility is important guys

Hostgator is good. Fast and good for Seo. Sometimes it’s got server error but very quickly resolve. Other hosting lost too much time to resolve. You’ll love Hostgater

Good for SEO? How is it related to SEO?

I would not call them un-known hosts :rofl: , small medium sized hosts that are not too much marketing but concentrate on services rather :lol:.

Un-know could be replaced by “not well known” maybe ? I find “un-known” kinda of weird word to use for a small reliable hosts around, just like myself.

But about the subject in itself, hostgator has burnt many too so "Is Hostgator the best deal out there for hosting? ---- Well not for everyone i suppose !

I certainly didn’t word it well but I still don’t see why it’s a big deal how I worded it.

I never said it was big deal i just said it sound weird :lol:

Most of web hosting companies provide money back guarantee policy so you will be able to try them and if not satisfied cancel account with them.

I’m another satisfied customer with HostGator - best host out there in my opinion, fantastic support, incredible uptime, live up to their standards, etc. etc.

Well, not really. It basically depends on the hosting plan you would like to choose and the server location. It would be better to check for the hosting services on search engines and you will get a better idea from there on. Look for the customer response time as this is very important.

There is no doubt that Hostgator is the most famous hosting provider but hosting business depends entirely on the needs of customer to customer

Is Hostgator the best deal out there for hosting?
Our simple answer is: NO, not at all. In fact reviews are negative also.

Good luck.

I use Hostgator for some of my sites. I’ve not had a complaint so far - tho obviously im not a developer or need technical things to run on my sites. My fave thing is their 24/7 live chat, which i’ve used many times for newbie questions, setting up a database, etc etc. The poor Hostgator chat staff :injured: lol, must get lots of dumb questions … I’ve had no billing issues, live chat issues, or problems with my hosting. Personally, so far so good. I would recommend them :wink: