Whicn host company is the best?

Can you please advise me of any reliable and affordable host companies that i can choose to buy domain and space for my website


That would depend on what your requirements are. Some hosting providers only provide shared hosting while others also provide reseller accounts, virtual servers and colocation. The services provided for the hosting can also vary between hosts so what is suiltable hosting for some sites is totally unsuited to others.

By googling “top ten web hosts” I looked across a few sites and finally settled on lunarpages. They’ve been great value for money and never had any problems.

IXWebhosting have been a great company to have hosting with. Extremely competetive rates and great service.

Recently, these guys had a major upgrade and re-located all their servers. There was a scheduled outage and all customers were given plenty of notice. There was constant information given about what was happening and when. There was follow-up communication sent when the re-location was complete by sharing with their members all the photos of the move. These guys are based in the USA. For me (being in Sydney, Australia) there is a few seconds diffence within the ftp (each time I upload or download from my server) but, it is a few seconds I’m willing to sacrafic for the great service I have received.

www.bluehost.com an american hosting company,no complain so far.
www.powweb.com other american hosting company, very low hosting price but no dedicated ip service

I am using bluehost and I am quite satisfied with it.

You can check Marblehost.com shared plans, they go with moneyback and response time guarantees as well as a free domain included into the plan.

Lunar pages looks good but there is additional charge for SSL.
Does it mean the site is not secure if you dont purchase the SSL?

I typically used GoDaddy. Are the options suggested above better than GoDaddy? I typically need a LAMP shared hosting.

As for me the best hosting companies are Hostgator, BlueHost, LunarPages, Webhostingbuzz and LunarPages!

Lunarpager twice. You must be big fan of them :wink:

Lunar pages looks good but there is additional charge for SSL.
Does it mean the site is not secure if you dont purchase the SSL?

This depends on whether you plan to take custormers credit card details online, or other sensitive info. If not, you won’t need SSL.

I have never dealt with LunarPages myself but have heard a lot of good reviews on this company. No doubt, that these guys have become very popular at the world hosting market.

I highly recommend Hands On Web Hosting. Their prices are better than most, their customer service is unexpectedly responsive and helpful, and the services they provide are plentiful. As a professional web designer and developer, I’ve used them to buy hosting for at least 10 of my clients.

I’ve also used godaddy and 1and1, but unpleased with their service.

Never go with them, site goes down every other day for a few mines, and at one point my site was down 3 weeks because they were changing some switch or something (they gave 1 extra free month for that).

If your website is using high CPU when the traffic to your site is high then never go for ipowerweb, bluehost, vistapages, lunarpage, etc. because they allocate CPU limit to websites and if a particular website exceeds that CPU limit they suspend/cancel that website. So, never look at their disk space/bandwidth offerings because you will never reach to that bandwidth due to CPU limit they set on websites. I would suggest you godaddy.com, rackspider.com etc. for your website.

Just avoid oversellers and choose by quality, not by quantity.

Avery, HostGator is definitely costlier than GoDaddy!

www.hostgator.com is the best.best services and servers.

always choose by quality, if the webbpage is important. Smaller webhosts often goes offline and have bad uptime.