What is the right method to do forum posting?

Hi Guys,

I have a question which is disturbing me very much from last few days.
I have few Law websites and I want to do forum posting for those websites. But when I registered on few forum posting websites and tried to reply queries submitted there by other users I was not able to answer the queries because I don’t have knowledge about Law. I want relevant traffic along with ranking in search engines for my websites. But problem is on Law forums I can’t add signature before few good number of posts and the biggest problem is I don’t have knowledge about law.

If I say I want only ranking for my websites then can I do forum posting on off topic forums like SEO forums or Health forums with placing links on signature?

Please help me out… :confused:

If forum posting is not done in right way it could be treated as Spam.Honestly participation in a forum can give you great opportunity to make good relationship which can result into direct leads or referrals as well as you get good number of referral traffic to your website. post meaningful content in forum.

This may sound like a silly question, if you don’t know enough about law to comment on forums, what are you doing running several law websites?

Getting backlinks on forums is unlikely to be a particularly helpful strategy, as many forums are “nofollow” (at least for signature links) and the googlejuice you get from links will be next to nothing anyway.

If you want to know about good forum posting, a good place to start is by reading through our FAQs/rules. There are some very good tips there that apply to posting at any forum on the web.

Here’s a video that will give you the dos and don’ts of forum posting:

Posting and You

dear “seo.xprt” – your question disturbs me very much

i am getting the distinct impression that your purpose in wanting to post on law forums is only for… wait for it… teh backlinks!!!1

please DON’T DO IT

you are wasting your time because your posts will be deleted

those law guys are probably a lot smarter than you and me and can smell a rat at fifty paces

Off Topic:

OMFG linda, you roxorz teh big one!!!1

I did, didn’t I? :rofl:

Steve this is not silly question actually I am a web-master and my client want me to post on quality law forums but as I don’t have knowledge of law so how can I help him.

Tell him to make the posts himself. :slight_smile:

This is clearly another SEO strategy, and as Stevie said above, it is a waste of time.

Hello friends ,

I think someone has misled you and you need help!! Forums, more than for any other cause, are for sharing knowledge and share ideas about topics we all are willing to discuss.


As the resource your client has hired it’s your job to explain to him the difference between building a campaign and executing it. You should be helping your client to identify the places to get engaged, the rules for engagement [i.e. not spamming] and a way to measure the impact – but then step out of the way. You’re not the subject matter expert on the topic and have no business trying to pretend otherwise.

Also stop focusing on SEO – there’s far more benefit from being seen as an expert or a source of trusted advice than there is in a few backlinks. Search is not the sum total of marketing.

Yeah, you should totally ask your client about the details. It’s pretty hard to engage in a conversation with a ton of people that are more well-versed in that field than you. Ask your client if he can give you sources which you can share in the forums that can answer basic questions. That is if they allow posting links on your message.

One more thing: If you’re going to participate in a forum, make sure that that’s your top priority and not link building. As the people here said, it’s going to be a huge waste of time (and money).

I think forum posting can go along way if your are knowledgeable about that forum topic. There is nothing more annoying then people trying to post “posts” to get a back-link. I own a web design company so I try to be active on web design/development forums because I understand my input can help people in the long run. I also believe you will probably get more business by helping other in the community then a signle back-link of spam.

One of the primary reasons to be on the forums is to learn and share information that you do know. If you don’t think you have the knowledge to post then start reading others’ posts and asking questions. You won’t get too far just waiting for something to happen. Engage the other users. Forums are for learning but don’t forget that they are a great way to foster new relationships as well.

Giving credit to the original post, appreciating and thanking others are always the best habits

Thanks to all for your replies and sharing your knowledge…I’ll implement the things you have shared with me. Thanks a ton guys.

I understand your problem but participate in your field related forum or what knowledge you have and put that law websites link in signature. This would help creating theme link to that site. This practice would not bring a relevant traffic but produce quality link for that site. You can bring relevant traffic from search engine.

Actually… no. Signature links are not even see by search engines on this forum, so it wouldn’t do much in the way of producing a quality link. And furthermore, all links are no-follow anyways.

While a totally agree with not using forums purely for the sake of backlinks, I have to say that, yes, signature links ARE seen by search engines regardless of being nofllow…every single signature link I have on this forum and elsewhere are reported to me in Google Webmasters Tools…and if you think Google is reporting this only for my own benefit and not for their own in some way (i.e. ranking) then…well, it’s debatable…I tend to think Google sees a hell of a lot more than we think and CERTAINLY sees more than it tells us about. Personally, I don’t give any thought to dofllow or nofollow…if Google really cares about relevancy, neither of those matter.

I’m doing SEO for a quite couple of months. When I do the forum posting, I make sure that I have a few posts before I put the link or others. If you already have a 10 posts that’s the time to put a link.

I won’t go into that as that is off-topic… I’m just saying that adding links purely for SEO benefits is a useless work.