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Hi there

There has been alot of hype about foum marketing bst and selling products. But how do you forum market or am
I missing something. Im a good advertiser and would like to give this a try. any recommendations as to where I
can start.

cheers peeps.

Two things come to mind when I think of the words forum marketing:

  1. Finding people posting on forums that are looking for the types of services or products you offer.
  2. Attempting to build backlinks with forum posts.

Both of these are relatively useless. For the most part, people aren’t on forums to buy things, they’re there to discuss them. Attempting to sell on a forum is both irritating and most likely against the terms of service. Don’t do it. Secondly, building backlinks on forums is almost laughable. The quality of links that come from forums are so close to useless that you’d be better off watching the grass grow. There are so many links on any given forum page that the quality of each link is heavily diluted.

First try to search same niche forums, then participate on regular basis after that you got some good reputation in forums and then people will follow you…

If you want people to join your forum it should not be empty in the first place. So it’s up to you as the forum owner to breath life into your forum. You can ask your friend to help you in this or you can hire some freelancers who can do this for you on a paid basis. Only after this start promoting your forum using social media sites, blogs, forums etc.

In my opinion Forums are mostly used by the expert’s and the new comer those who want’s to be an expert in the field they join the forum. Forum’s are the most effective way to get the solution for everything. I have learet a lot from forum’s and post my query if i have any question any time. I never tried to find anything any service in the forum’s. Forums are more effective with solution’s.

If you want to get Search Engine Ranking then you must focus on Forum marketing. Mostly people say that forum posting is not effective in Internet marketing. I have 5 years experience in this field. I know very well. How much it effect our ranking.

Mostly people try to get back links from spammy ways, Forum administration count as spam and delete the comments and username. So they don’t like it. If they work with good and faith way and take part in Discussion. They can get back links for long period

Forum marketing is a good internet marketing tactic to help drive traffic to your website. However, many have wrongly used it just to spam forums with a lot of crap just for the sake of backlinks which is not at all a good idea. Just be legitimate and share good posts as well as participate in the discussions as per your area of expertise to help others and vice versa.

The problem with forum marketing is forums are now getting stricter and stricter with their rules in posting. You can’t just drop a link or the name of your product or program anywhere and anytime you please. It also requires patience and diligence. I suggest you use the opportunity to help others and contribute to the discussion before promoting anything. Just make your promotion subtle and submit to the rules, of course to save your account.

Forum marketing is good, if you can provide useful answers (which might include your site) to questions, but more often then not, you are restricted to only a signature link, which is NOT VERY USEFUL unless you do THOUSANDS of posts. Well, with that said, its still something, better then laying around and sleep =)

I also agree that participating in forums discussion can help to drive good traffic and also by using signature links you can increase visibility of your website and back links as well. So we should always try to participate only on those forum thread which we have knowledge and can share our view over there.

Key point of Forum Marketing is to participate in the conversations and really attempt to help others or at least get into the conversation.

But requires patience, Which is not happening in this days

Mohammed Feroz

A good chunk of my traffic comes from forums. I post quality topics and replies and people want to see who’s the one to write this, so they follow my siggy links. I don’t post in forums as a liking building strategy, I post there to establish my brand and also drive some qualified traffic to my sites. While the links in the signatures are pretty useless as SEO is concerned, the traffic you can drive by being a good member is not to be ignored.

Its like most things. If you participate in the forum and post good responses your post will stay and help in backlinks etc.

If you just post for the sake of posting and getting back links then your posts will be deleted.

First, we must clarify that traffic is different from ranking. Forum can drive more traffic to your website if your posts are valuable and people then go to your link to know more about you. But it does not have much contribution on the backlinks which effect the ranking.
So the right behavior is: Give valuable posts on the forum to build reputation and drive the possible traffic, but focun on high website content and high quality backlinks to rank higher.

Proof please.

Typically, few people have the patience to interact with a community in the long term in order to get backlinks, which is why forums like these are a popular hot-bed for spammers who are just obviously spamming and half-assing their way through threads in order to make it out like they’re not.

You have made your first step in getting started with forum marketing by posting a question. Forums are usually used to ask other web masters for help. if you have the solution to another person’s problem, you can also post a response to their question.

Forum Marketing include signature in do follow website is best SEO technique to build good back links, improve page ranking in search engine and boost traffic your website

Before implementing your forum marketing plan, be sure to check out the forum site’s rules and regulations. The problem nowadays, is you can’t simply drop your link in your signature. You may need to comply a certain number of posts/threads to be able to do so. Also, make sure that the forum you decided to join is relevant to your niche.

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Well you must be delicate when posting/advertise on forums. As for back linking on forums it is pretty useless because most of them are no follow or it is forbidden to post links except in signature but at the end it is useless as i said. But if you want to attract traffic that is another story. You need to post and contribute on forums that are right for you.

People are watching what you are doing in the forum, so be conversational, interactive, and try to satisfy your potential customers.