How To Improve site Traffic

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How to improve the site traffic, i have one site i am not getting traffic, so what to do to get good traffic. Please suggest me.

try to use Web 2.0 marketing strategy :slight_smile:

  1. Rank highly organically (through SEO) in the search engines for phrases that are searched often
  2. Use a PPC tool like Adwords and pay to drive traffic to your site. Again though, it’s useful to know what the highly searched terms are
  3. Advertise your site on other sites that are somehow related to yours that themselves get high traffic. It’s important that the site is related to yours.

Work on Seo for site and get links back from sites that are related to topic

Hi chris265,

Its seo site only, thats why i am asking…

basically this summarize the most effective method…
I will add to include a pure quality original content to be put in your website then submit it into social bookmarking sites.

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if your site dont have good content, people will only visit once, what you want with those traffic? you pay google get the traffic and wish them can click your google ads? the content is the most important thing…

Steps to follow
content updation
forums posting
article submission
blogs creation
communities discussion
yahoo answer
Google groups
social bookmarkings
Forum signatures
best content
blog comments
social bookmarkings
yahoo answer

SEO is the best method to get good traffic.

Keep posting every day, you will get new visitor.

Sign up to digg, create a sharp profile, and make at least 300 friends. Then shout out one new article a day.

How about joining a social networks?? Is it effective?

Social bookmarkings is one of the factor that will help your site increase its market.
Social bookmarking may help both searchers and seo. For seo its a good way to gain quality traffic and for ordinary people they may find other people that shares same interest like them.

Post advertisements for your product where potential customers can find the
Write articles about your product
Find the blogs and forums where your best prospects are gathered and are
discussing a subject that is related to the whatchamacallits that you are selling.
Make it really easy for these potential customers to find you
and your website by having links appear in as many places on the Internet as you can
possibly find.
Capture names and addresses of customers and potential customers
who do visit your website so that you can entice them to make return visits and do so very often. Offer free ebook to them
Write and place PPC advertisements
Submit affiliate program and let others advertise for you
Place E-zine advertisements
Find link exchange partners

Many ways can do, but the important thing is to persist, it is very hard for us to keep at it.

Yes it does…

Link Building is the way…which includes directory submissions, forum postings, social bookmarking. :slight_smile:

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