Get More Traffic!

How To Get More Traffic within One month ??

By doing SEO - i know but which is the most effective + time saving way to get traffic on site.

Social Bookmarking
Article Submission
Press Release
Directory Submission

Or what ??? what do you think ?

i think the best way to get traffic to your site is to do social bookmarking and article submission in quality sites and off course forum postings and blog postings.

Try combining all of these techniques. Forum posting and social bookmarking can give you some instant traffic, while article and directory submission can give you quality backlinks and increase your position on SERPs!

nice website…i just noticed u r website traffic is going down according to the alexa graph.

Forum posting is a waste of time if you just want traffic. And direc submissions take too long to be accepted( well at least the best ones do), so I would stick to blogging and submitting at least 1 article to social networks like digg, stumble, and so on.

And the most important thing is article marketing. I have been able to keep a 30% click thru rate for my articles over the past year. So if you can write 100 articles over the next month and submit them to 5 different directories then you will have a lot of backlinks and also get a lot of traffic directly from the articles.

Make your website user friendly, create a sitemap and have quality contents for your webpages. Afterwards, do the offpage optimization by means of link building.

Here are some tips:

1-social networks (myspace, facebook, twitter, linkedin and using to other social media.)

2- social bookmarks (digg, delicious, and other social bookmarking sites.)

3- directory submission

4- RSS submission

5- blog commenting

6- forum marketing ( participating in relevant forums)

7- using different one way link building techniques

Are you willing to pay? That’s the way to get the most traffic inside one month!

By doing:::

1 forum posting commenting submission…

Try offering free, original, and quality content and get more backlinks on your site. Focus on the content of your keywords that are related to your topic and advertise your presence.

There are no single strategies that work, aside from buying your traffic and even that really doesn’t work if you do nothing else. Marketing is about combining effects… seo with paid search, blogging with viral, link exchanges with content creation. Try a little of everything and diversify your flow; some items will hit overnight, others will take time.

I think On-Site SEO is must…

Doing all those things will help with both SEO and traffic generation. Be sure to use relevant keywords when linking back to your site for example from the resource box in your article submissions.

Make a “plan of attack” for your bookmarking, article writing and submission etc and you should see results. Social bookmark your articles for some extra link juice.



It’s really hard to say which one is the best, because all, when put together, is what you need to really get good results.

you can do it by using seo

I am showing all by rank

1- Artical submission
2-Press realese
3-Forums posting
4-Blog comment


One way link building helps to increase your ranking in SERP.If you get links from .edu and .gov domains,your site will get ranking in soon.

All those are good way to promote your business. Just make sure that you have quality content to get more viewers to actually click on your link and view your website. :slight_smile:

Everything you list and content, content, content. (and time!)

Those are more long term marketing ideas. For short term marketing such as in the month you want you would be better off going with social bookmarking and creating something that will go viral fast. (Easier said then done)

Getting an account in social networking site can help you a lot, there are hundreds of companies which are using facebook and twitter account successfully. This sites help to get know what your customer wants, which helps you to improve yourself. Second thing with the help of this you can easy promote your product/services and can make aware if there are any updates. Traffic comes as an icing on cake … :smiley: