What is the best way to increase blog traffic?

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  1. Quality Content
  2. Article Submissions
  3. Directories and Bookmarker Sites Submissions
  4. Social Networking
  5. Forum Marketing

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You must build findable wensite
findability is present in
-information architecture

Link exchange, backlinks


I’d go with content syndication.

Also, there were a lot of responses in here, and though the question was kinda vague, I didn’t see much practical advice, so here’s a more concrete daily plan:

(This also assumes you have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and use either TubeMogul or Trafficguyser for video distribution)

1. write between 1-2 very high-quality articles or pieces of content
2. submit them to as many article directories as possible
3. turn that article into a PDF (you can use CutePDF, it’s a free software)
4. submit that PDF to document-sharing sites (example: Scribd)
5. turn the article into a video (either record yourself or use powerpoint)
6. distribute video to video-sharing sites via TrafficGuyser or TubeMogul
7. embed the video in a new blog post, then paste the article underneath the video
8. ping the new post (using Pingler or something similar)
9. update Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media sites you’re on about your new blog post
10. Do this again.

This will definitely jump-start some serious traffic, guaranteed. It should only take about 2-3 hours when you first do it, and should be done in addition to anything else you’re doing for traffic. But this will give you immediate results, as in traffic within a few hours.

If you use TubeMogul or Traffic Guyser for the videos too, you can get your videos ranked really quickly in the search engines and draw out some organic traffic.

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PS- If you’re serious about SEO, then install the FireFox Add-on “SEO for FireFox” if you haven’t already. You can use that tool to pick off ‘.gov’ and ‘.edu’ backlinks from authority sites (or any sites in general), and pretty much dominate every single longer-tail keyword within a day or so.

If you combine that with making content-rich posts around keywords you can rank for that have decent search volumes, it makes for some awesome organic traffic, especially if you can get a couple top 10 results for the more competitive keywords with your videos.

By having a GOOD content
Do all the promotion techniques like SEO or SEM
Then traffic will follow.

The replies are very helpful. Thank you. It’s a big help for me. :slight_smile:

That traffic guyser looks like another hype-crap-salesletter garbage product…do you own it, and what does it do?

Also, tubemogul looks good, but what does it cost?

  1. Good content
  2. Good marketing
  3. Good SEO

Those are the three things you need to get traffic.

Content is always the key to get traffics on blogs. Second is backlinks. Even if your content is good if nobody can find your blogs in the ocean of blogs, its no use.

Article and Blog articles
Social bookmarking and social networking
forum and blog commenting with anchor text
Press Releases
rotate you site at traffic exchange to create some buzz
solo ads and email marketing.

these are the best things to get traffic.

Theres so much that can be done, i run a blog of my own, made it just recently… keeping it up to date and refreshing the content must be the best method. Afterall, who wants to be part of a blog that never changes? It’s just boring. Linking it up with Twitter is a good’n as well. Especially if you find yourself tweeting lots, then those tweets get relayed back to your blog, thus keeping that up-to-date.

For me its very simple, Keyword research first, then target more keywords, optimize those keywords, use link building methods and once your keywords on the first page or the top page then you’ll get a lot of traffic. But you need a lot of hard works and patience buddy.

Interesting. That will help up with my blog.

Submit it to different article directories, social networkings and blog commenting.

Yeah I agree with these tips

Develop quality articles and submit them in ezine or other articles sites to get more backward links and get more traffic at your blog.

Next you need to create twitter account and update the account at regular basis.


Great Content, Search Engine Optimization and Social media.

the best way is to create lists of resources and generate good content, so people will link to your blog. That way you will not need to submit your sites to directories.