How do you get traffic for you blog?

I have a blogger.I have been spending much time and energy updating it.But it doesn’t have any effect.The traffic is little and nobody leave comments.Do you have any advice to help me? Here is my blog - [NOPARSE][/NOPARSE]

Be consistant. Submit to social bookmarking sites. Answer questions in yahoo answers. make it easy for visitors to sign up to your rss feed.
Write press relases.
Set up a feed on my yahoo so yahoo keeps track of your blog.

This is a good yet old question. There are a lot of ways to bring traffic to your blog. The most important thing is the quality of your article, and keep updating in one or two days.

That is pretty good actually…but of course there’s always room for improvement.

Use a follow me on twitter button and lots of cool and animated buttons for social bookmarking sites in your blog which will surely increase the traffic in your site.

Post your blog in your signature forums, create a Twitter account and get many followers and then, tweet your news posts there, Facebook can help also and then, the most effective: guest posting in popular blogs!

The same things keep getting said so it’s time to close this thread.

Please READ the previous replies and I’m more than certain you’ll find the information you need.

For my case, i link my new blog from an existing website with PR3 and within months my blog starts to have rating on itself… from there u can work on link building for your blog/s.

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Keep on adding content… good content. The traffic will come to you. it would not hurt to starting getting the word out by setting up a facebook page and twitter. Start suggesting to friends on facebook also. If you have good content then it can become viral. be aggressive!

You need much more work to do on your blog. It never going to get traffic this way having information just in plain text. Specify some keywords and work on them. Optimize your blog. Connect it to the social media networks. Besides text, information should be in videos and graphics forms and finally you need to update it regularly.

To get traffic to your blog - Make your blog shareable (use Sociable, share this plugins), ping your blog (@ pingomatic), let users subscibe to your blog (you can use feedburner), make interesting posts and let people know about it…

keep updating your blog constantly… share your articles in twitter, facebook, digg etc… they are the greatest source of traffic.

I think that proper on page SEO is one of the best things that you can do to get organic traffic to your blog. Simple things like H1 tags for keywords, the keyword in your page title, the keyword in your meta description, and links with your keyword as anchor text are great for helping to receive traffic.

Writing original articles that use your keyword as anchor text and link back to your blog will help tremendously. High quality backlinks, PR 3 and above, will help you to get traffic to your blog too.

Hmmm, from the last time when i saw your blog(i think couple of weeks ago) i see that no opinion from the forum was taken into account by you. Our opinions really matter for you?

Yours is a nice blog. I gone through the YouTube posting and commented there. One of the most important aspect to have traffic is making a comment on others’ blog. I have done it with you.

I will follow the following steps to get traffic to my blog

  1. Maximize use of RSS.
  2. Build links from other websites.
  3. Write and syndicate content articles.
  4. Comment in other related blogs.
  5. Keep blogging.

Try these and you,ll love it

join communities make members
you,ll get daily traffic

Hi all,

You can submit your blog to some search engine indexing sites like Google and yahoo; there are more sites like these where you can submit. This way your traffic will also improve.

Regarding the content try to personalize it. People like to read things that they consider that fits their personality, they want to read something that seems to be written by a person, not by an automatic system. And also try to make a original style, to make them come back.

Another thing is posting your blog in directories so the people will know taht it exists and to brink it upper in Google.

Create a free blog.
Comment on blogs and forums and social bookmarking sites with a page rank of 3 or higher.
To find the do follow blogs in your niche, try
Hope this helps