What is Google AdSense?

Hi Friends,
Please let me know what is exactly Google adsense,
do we have any advantages with this account?


Google Adsense are smiler to affiliate marketing

we are allocating some space from our website to display 3rd party add smiler to our content or services.

If any user clicks on those ads and stay for some time on that page, Google will pay for us per that particular clicks.

Apart from the definition defined above people who have good content and good amount of traffic and good pr with their site they can earn money using this service. There are so many people who are earning a very good amount of money using this service of Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is a program which is run by Google and you can place ads on your site by participating in the Google Adsense program. This can be a great source of revenue for your website.

Google AdSense is a free, simple way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites. advertising program that allows publishers to insert a small amount of HTML into their sites and have ads appear that are targetted and relevant to the content of the site.

It is the simplest CPC ad program to join but requires a strong time investment to work. Joining is quick, and you create ads of different sizes, and text or image/text ads. You can then simply paste the code into your site where you want ads to show. You need sites visited daily by people (so the SEO has been done) and showing fresh content on a regular basis to retain those visitors and attract new visitors. It is not a case of putting up a blog, adding adsense ads, and hoping for the best. You have to spend time on the traffic to the site. It works, just be ready for hard work and lots of patience.

Google ad sense is a program which Google is running. You have to pay Google for this facility.They will provide you smalll html code which you can insert into your site and then people can advertise on your website or blog.
The main advantage of Google ad sense is that you can earn large amount of money through this facility if your blog is popular one.

Google adsense - one type of affiliate marketing in which we have to add code from google into our website. Once google will approve your adsense account we can add this code to the site, that code will display as an advertise at your site.

No you don’t - with adsense Google pays you.

okay…I am agreed with you.
In Google ad sense Google pays us while in case of ad word we pay to Google.

Google adsense provides a code to user so that he/she can advertise ads on the website. It helps you lot if your blog is very famous. And these advertisements are Perform ritually, sorted by Google.

It is the best way of earning the money that helps monetizing your traffic and the best way to implement. Basically helps in promoting their product, service and site. It is the company that creates and places the advertisement on a website. With the help of Google ad sense people can earn a very good amount of money.

Adsense - its one of Google’s business to advertise other businesses on your website, they take certain percentage for each click that directs you to the website they are marketing.you also get your cut.

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