Give Me The Truth On Ad-Sense Sites

I am left completely confused about the ability for one to make money with AdSense web sites.

Some people advise taking any domain names and ad sense the name, with the right content, SEO etc. you can generate income after a few months.

I found out this person only makes a few dollars a month, enough to pay there hosting?

I need an AdSense expert, who has years of experience in development and knowledge to give me some good advice and the real truth about what one needs to make a good residual income from AdSense. I have over 500 domain names at the present time.

Thank You,

Adsense success is all about traffic to your website and placement of the ads. Google Adsense blog is a must read if you are interested in learning more about the program. Knowledge is power!

what are your domains about? are you selling products, displaying information about a certain product or service.
Are your websites content related? If so then adsense maybe a good idea.
If you are selling products then affiliate marketing maybe more suitable

Making money with AdSense also depends on the type of audience you attract. I have two sites in very different markets that generate similar traffic. One get’s good AdSense conversions, the other (no matter how hard I try) doesn’t convert well with AdSense.

After lots of testing, I’ve concluded that one audience is “banner blind” or ad click averse, while the other (perhaps less experienced internet users) are click happy! :slight_smile:

Earning money money with Adsense depends on how munch is your traffic (for pay per impression) and if this traffic click on your ads, a site can be popular with 10.000 visits per month but if no one click on their ads, they would earn very small.
To make people to click on your ads, your ads should be relevant to your website for example if you build a blog about Wordpress, you can put ads about “free wordpress themes”, people like finding somethinf for free, free advices, cheap thing, ect…
You should build good content to bring traffic, choose a popular niche, ect…

Based on my friends experience…if you have a site or blog that generates 10k impressions in a month, you will only earn between $10 to $20. And these are good ads placement in their blogs. If you put adsense in a not so good position then expect only $5 earnings from those 10k impressions.

I’m definitely not knocking on Adsense…I use it myself. What I’m saying especially to newcomers that it takes a massive amount of effort, time, and dedication. I’ve seen people get started on Adsense due to false expectations and then waste their time. I’m just trying to give realistic expectations.

If you could give some more specifics on your situation I could try to help some. Just think about it this way if you want to make say $1,000 a month in adsense and assume you get 50 cents a click and 2% of your users click your ads then you would need

2000 Clicks
which is
100,000 page impressions a month

Can you do it? In all likelyhood you COULD with perserverance and time but not overnight. And you could probably invest your time in things with a higher return. If you give me more specifics on you situation I can try to answer better

Hi Friend,
I also fail in AdSense, If any one having knowledge about adsense Please give suggestions to us…

Wow you have over 500 domain names. In truth what I have seen is that most people greatly exaggerate how much they make with adsense. Although there are strategies to make money with hundreds of domain names used in conjunction…90% will not make you money off ads. Parked domain names usually end up burning a hole in your pocket.

As for making money with ads. Sure you can do it. As a rule of thumb per 100 impressions to your site you will get anywhere from .5% to 3% of visitors to click on your ad. Each click may get you .20 to 5 dollars (usually closer to .20)…So if you do the calculations you will quickly see that making money off ads requires ALOT of time ALOT of users and ALOT of effort. To compound that there are plenty of smart web developers all over the world trying to do exactly what your doing.

I don’t mean to say any of this to discourage you, but to give you a real reality check. If you want to make money with ads online or with parked domain name it just requires alot of hard work dedication and effort.

Theres a model called porters five forces model you should check out. It shows the attractiveness of industries…industries with low barriers that anyone can do are going to become insanely ridiculous (like google ads) in terms of competitiveness. Likewise industries with high barriers that require specialized skills (say advanced programming) will have less competition.

Good luck :slight_smile:

And there are many who have made seven figure sums from Adsense. :wink:

The secret is not in the number of the domains but the quantity and quality of information you’ve posted on them and how much of traffic you can attract.