Adsense on this site

dear friends, this is the first page of the site i am going to publish & going to get activate adsense on it, the site is based on easy ayurveda techniques, which gives you directions to prepare ayurvedic medicines from spices and herbs present in your kitchen & locality, I am an Ayurved medical student at a reputed medical college so the information are authentic.

Kindly give me an idea of the earnings which this site could make which’ll have about 70 pages.

Gupil Shubham

You can use only 3 adsense ad in one page so you can place those ads anywhere. Start getting visitors and soon they will make money for you. I am also thinking about my own Ratlam Business Guide website. Where i can place those ads and i can make good money.

to apply to adsense just goto:

once approved you will be given a user name and a password to login and you will be able to generate the code to place on your site and start making money but you need alot of vistors to make some money.

if you still need help, let us know and we will be happy to help you