Best alternative for google adsense

Hi all .

can somebody tell me 2,3 best alternatives for google adsense ?
I can’t use google adsense because my account has been blocked .

Thanks a lot

I use google adsense and AdBrite. I also use Commission Junction. Best results from google.


Affiliate programs that offer products related to sites topic make the most money

Adbrite is the second best. I use it to some of my sites.



I would like to add

to this list

Bidvertiser and Chikita

here is my take on Adbrite. i have been using it for a month, and my impressions are that it can’t get to the same amount of revenue as Google’s Adsense. it is really not worth any of your time as it still have some glitches in the implementation. out of curiousity, i just tried it on some of my pages. once i cant get related ads to what my visitors search for. i had only little pays with this. but this is solely on my experience. YMMV.

TextAdMarket :slight_smile:

I also had not so good experience with adbrite, very irrelevant ads.


I have to say IMHO Amazon affiliate program compared to AdSense is a joke. I made more in two weeks with AdSense than I did in one year with Amazon. But it depends on the nature of your site. If visitors to your site are in a buying frame of mind then I imagine you can do well with Amazon, for example a digital camera review site. But if you have a site on topic xyz and your just displaying products related to xyz I don’t think it will do well. How often have you gone to a site when you weren’t looking to buy something and ended up buying something? My guess is close to never.

Chikita and Affiliate programs that offer products related to sites topic. you can make good money from them.

Amazon affiliate program: make your own site content relevant and rotating (not flashy) banners or use amazon’s widgets and get you earnings for up to 8% from millions of produts sold on amazon.

i found some site are using them, but adsense still the first opition.


It all depends on what type of site you have. If you have a lot of traffic, you should look into running some CPA ads like most bigger sites do. CPA comes in many different flavors, you need to find the best CPA offers that connects with your users. It could take a lot of trial and error in some cases, but hitting it out of the park the first time around is not unlikely.

LOL~ illegal clicks eh?

All I can say is that finding the right ads will be a long long journey for you. I’ve tested all kinds of ad affliates…at least 20. And none of them are in iframe except your beloved Google. Meaning, if you put an ad on top of your page and ad affiliate is slow as hell then… well~ your page will be slow as hell too. Of course, not all ads affilate is slow but that’s just 1 issue. 2nd is that no ad affiliate has ads as many as Google does. Chances are your site ads will show up again and again and again. Of course, this may be differ depending on the content of your website. Still, you won’t get as much ad clicks like Google does and you’ll be lucky to match 1/2 of per click rates. Also, as I said… same ads will appear again and again and again… so your clicks/month will go down and down and down… yeah it sux~ then you pick another ad affilates then wash/rinse and repeat over and over again~ If I were you…I’d write a e-mail to Google and put the title “If you don’t reactivate my account, I’ll suicide” and hope for the best~ g’luck!!! hahahahahahahahahaha… I’m only laughing cuz I was in your shoes… and imagining what u’ll be doing for several months…is… hahahahahahah!!

Mine got blocked too , did they accuse you of making false clicks ??? They did my which was bogus !

Chitika and Yahoo!