What are you currently listening to?

What is yourchoice of music ? I’ll start with Bachman-Turner Overdrive- Takin’ Care of Business

Go on !

I’m listening to

Cengiz Kurtoğlu - Liselim

I recommend to everybody!

Local FM songs.

“Look at me I’m self-employed, I love to work at nothing all day” :wink:
A bit of BTO eh? Nice one. Right now my player is on random play: Boston - More Than a Feeling

I love Country music. I currently am listening to Randy Travis “I Told You So”


I’m currently listening to Creed music, so nice to hear them again. Love all their songs!

I’m listening to an online radio station right now.

Listening to New Age Music now. Only pure music can make me feel calm during working.

Mirchi movie song…Khol teri khidki khol teri khidki

Hardwell - Ultra Music Festival Miami 2013 set. I love EDM!

That’s my name Akcent!

X Men First Class OST :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hindi songs…Tum se hi …Jab we met.

Deicide - To Hell with God

This song is stuck in my head! :slight_smile:
Thao - When we swam

listening to online radio, jango.com … (some random songs, alternative genre) :smiley:

Now i am listening to A.R.Rahuman online songs

smile yaya…Priyuralu pilichindi

ummm…i wanna make up by Akon…

I am listening to Illeyaraja hits