What Music Are You Listening To?

What are you currently listening to?

(I see several of these topics but they’re all years old. If a new one is a mistake, remove it and chastise me accordingly :wink: )

I’ll start:
The Phantom of the Opera - Andrew Lloyd Weber

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Love The Phatom of the Opera, especially the main theme sang by Sarah Brightman

I also love The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack (again, especially the main theme, and to even more the main theme for the third movie)

But I’m a pop girl. So if I can dance it, I like it. Most of the time :smiley:

chopin nocturne op.9 no.2

When coding, I love soundtracks, instrumentals and/or classical, techno… things that are emotional or upbeat or pretty, and not really with any / a bunch of lyrics (or ones that I care about). I wouldn’t probably listen to any of those genres just for fun in the car or something, though. /shrug

Me too. If it has lyrics, I start to sing and I get distracted… so music only works better :slight_smile:

Except when I like so much that I get distracted anyway because I start humming…

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Whatever the little voices in my head tell me to imagine that I’m listening to.



Whatever’s playing on Planet Rock radio station - filtered through the floorboards.

(Running Bear discovered he can hook up his small, portable digital radio to the amplifier from my very old sound system and get great results. From where I am, the overall effect is like being in a time warp, listening to my brother’s music through the wall as a teenager. )

[quote=“molona, post:5, topic:107001”]
If it has lyrics, I start to sing and I get distracted… so music only works better
[/quote]That’s the main reason I don’t (intentionally) listen to music when I’m working. Unfortunately, if I recognise what’s playing down below, I end up signing along anyway - especially Bohemian Rhapsody and Bat Out of Hell, both of which are popular on Planet Rock.

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Do those little voices go a step further and sing it for you? It would be nicer if they did instead of simply telling you.

No, they dislike karaoke almost as much as I do. They just tell me what song to imagine playing in my head while they relax and drink mint juleps or mojitos, playing backgammon and enjoying the music.

What? Taylor Swift? Seriously? Okay… but I only know the one song.


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Just shake it off.


Yeah… that’s the only one I know, so it’s all they’re gonna get!

What? No, I don’t own any Black & Decker power tools… why do you ask?


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Sounds like a love story in the making.

Off Topic:

I have like 8 Swift songs on my phone

Taylor Swift. Psshh. Who owns or knows Taylor Swift songs?? /hides iTunes list from view.

Next up, according to my library wide-shuffle: …

Viva la Vida - Coldplay. lol

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I like that song … My issue with Coldplay is either I love the song or I hate it… but this one, I do like it, I do, I do, I do

Yeah. I only have like three of their songs, because of that.

Sidebar: Is anyone else’s music library-stuff… possessed by something? lol
I use iTunes and I can run a library wide shuffle, on thousands of songs of all genres, and get a string of songs that pertain almost perversely to the topic that I’m thinking about (mood songs: love, anger, bitterness, happiness, silly/funny, etc).

Doesn’t happen that often, just every now and then. It’s creepy.

You’d be suprised to know that… you’re not as weird as you think you are… I have songs for all types of moods.

I use AIM and create my own playlists though. iTunes is kind of slow and takes a lot of memory so I prefer something lighter for my computer

Yeah… I’ve been considering switching players for awhile, but never really managed to bother.

Chillstep mostly because otherwise I’ll type the lyrics into the comments…which can get awkward.

This is my favorite this month: Written Emotions - MitiS

i am listening to the maestro king ilayarajas music…

I am listening to Ping Pong by Armin van Buuren. Any trance lovers here? I like listening to Armin and deadmau5 when I’m working. When I’m not, I listen to pop (Taylor Swift included :stuck_out_tongue: ).

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