What music do you hyperfixate on coding to?

i’ve been trying to find new tunes since lately my music has become so overplayed, it has started to distract me by how…used i am to it. i really like hyperfocusing on my task but i need music for that.

what is your poison music of choice for focusing on work? :eyes:

Try the “Live” playlists at Chill Music Lab on YouTube. They stream live 24/7 several playlists in various coding genres including techno, chillstep, atmospheric/ambient sounds etc. All which are designed for hyperfocus and usually coders based.

oooh thanks so much! I’ll check them out!

I pretty much love all livesets from Cercle. The scenery in most of them is awesome too.

I would suggest trying Anhalt EBM music.

Here are some broadcasts to try:

Anhalt EBM mix - YouTube

I’d recommend CreatorChords’ Celtic genre. They have some good for concentrating music in there. Ignore the ones tagged with Vocal, Dramatic, and Rock–those aren’t what you want.

I am concerned about that happening to me. For me, music is special, not something normal. It is frustrating for me when I go to a restaurant and cannot talk because the music is over-powering.


same! audio oversaturation is realll