What Song/Artist do you listen during work?

I’m setting up a playlist and curious what you guys listen to. Appreciate the feedback!

Experience tells me this will rapidly descend into a boring list of songs/artists, of no real interest to anyone. So why don’t you get your thread off to a good start, @sg707, by telling us what you’re currently listening to, and why you’ve chosen it? Set the tone for others to follow.

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Nine Inch Nails
The Mars Volta
Joe Satriani

…need I go on?

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Good point. Here’s my collection

21 pilots
The lonely island
Linkin Park
Justin Timberlake

hm… I can see that my collections are mostly rap… I need more variations!

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Keep it going! Thanks!

I can’t listen to anything with vocals if I’m doing anything I need to concentrate on. If it has vocals, I listen to those, want to sing along and lose track of what I’m doing. So mostly I don’t listen to anything, but sometimes I’ll put on something instrumental - usually Bach or Mozart, or brass band music.

If I’m doing repetitive tasks which don’t require much concentration, then I put on stuff with lyrics and sing along to my heart’s content. My tastes are mixed and probably more than a little strange : Tom Paxton, Eric Bogle, Runrig, Andy M. Stewart, The Proclaimers, Dr. Hook, Queen, Meat Loaf, The Killers, Snow Patrol, Abba, Harry Chapin, The Divine Comedy…

Now I expect you’re sorry you asked.

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I think I am… I like to listen to songs in past decade…not centuries…haha

I have the same problem about vocals. Another suggestion is to listen to foregin songs, it has the same effect since I don’t know what they are saying.

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If I’m listening to music during work it’s usually something slowish, like doom, stoner rock or psychedelic rock. Not too hectic to distract me, yet giving a good drive to knock out code. :-) Regular favourites of mine are The Sword, The Black Angels, and, of course, Electric Wizard.

However, if I have something boring to do and can’t wait for the day to end, I might listen to some NWOBHM instead.

No particular order

Rise Against
Country songs (ugh, been getting into this lately)
Taylor Swift (had a few weeks period where I only listened to her)
Eminem for a long period
Random songs from Lynard Skynard (spelling), and Pink Floyd (the hits). Final Countdown song…uh,

Basically I let youtube suggestions guide my path :wink: .

Loreena McKennitt

Depends on my mood and what I’m trying to accomplish.

I (currently) have 4 playlists on my laptop, each with a different purpose.

  1. Vivaldi. Hours of Vivaldi. That’s my “Okay, relax, focus, take it easy” playlist. I use this one quite a bit, since I have to fight with Chinese internet all day long.

  2. Movie scores. Not soundtracks, but scores (all instrumental). This is my “up & down” playlist for when I need to break out of a rut. Because the scores of a movie generally tell a story–including changing moods–the music helps me to change moods myself. The list includes things like Iron Man (Ramin Djawadi), 300 (Tyler Bates), Tron (Daft Punk), Serenity (David Newman)… so it’s all over the place. Good for a shake-up.

  3. Techno. Hard techno. Aphex Twin, etc. That’s my “OMG! I need to get my keister in gear!” It’s fast and driving, and often really annoying. But it’s great motivation for short periods of time. Not something I can listen to all day.

  4. Battlestar Galactica (complete series) (Bear McCreary). This is my go-to playlist for every-day. It’s got enough variation to keep things interesting, and is easy to just drop into the background.

My job is primarily writing content, so no songs with lyrics.

Typically I listen to something like works of Ramin Djavadi or Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL. Instrumental kind of stuff, you know. Movie scores basically…It has some punchy moments and it keeps me motivated all of the time.

A Thousand Miles! lol, makes me happy :slight_smile:

At work one of us normally get’s a local radio station one which will provide more then enough diversity.

At home it will go from, happy hardcore, techno, hardstyle, rap, r&b, country ( slower then the rest ) and ofcourse hardcore.

Few examples for happy hardcore :

Examples for hardcore :

  • Angerfist
  • Dj Outblast
  • Dj korsakov
  • Masters of ceremony

Examples hardstyle :

  • Wildstylez
  • headhunterz
  • Ran-D
  • Brennen heart
  • Dj coone

Examples rap :

  • 50 Cent
  • Eminem
  • Lil wayne
  • Plus dutch artists

Examples r&b will be difficult since they will pop up in random playlists…

I will however highly recommend happy hardcore lol :

I’m a classic rock guy, I like listening to Zeppelin and Floyd while I work. But if I have a deadline to make or I’m really hauling, I have found that a lot of video game soundtracks help me focus a ton. Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag in particular is one that keeps me in the zone.

I listen a bit of everything.

Love Crowded House, Erasure, A-Ha, Kylie Minogue … or Aerosmith.

The list could go forever.

From some artist, I like one or two songs. With other, I like a few.

Rock music , when the music is high and fast, my speed of working also get fast.
My play list is full of rock music.

Faded - Alan Walker :smiley:

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Can’t say what songs, I always download new songs :smiley:

My latest mix:
Cypress Hill,
Flogging Molly,
Rolling Stones,
Samir Srour.

What can I say? I work with anything broken.