What Are You Listening To?

A topic every forum should have! What song are you listening to right now? I’m listening to:
Creed - Lullaby

Eminem - If I get locked up tonight

Qlimax 3 - Mixed by Dana & Pavo


Pavo and Dana together?! Whoa!!! :eek: :eek: :devil: :devil: Must sound awesome!

Pearl Jam - Black

Bassfly - Tillman & Ries

The Matrix Soundtrack

Elysium - More like one CD Dana and the other CD Pavo :slight_smile:

I heard Qlimax 4 is awesome, two friends went to it and they loved it. I need to buy the new CD.

They’re too lazy t’ work
They’re stealing our jobs


Bryan Adams - You can’t take me

However, I was just listening to Grease - Dance Mix :D. That rocks :stuck_out_tongue: !

Silverchair,a nd someone I know on the radio :slight_smile:

Steevee Wonder! (His funky stuff)

Delirious->Revival Town[Remix]

The song that is on right this very moment is “Lo Que Dice” by Ozomatli.

Actually a CD with a small collection of italian opera arias,
in particular I like:
prelude, La Traviata
and some arias from Rigoletto such as the famous “La donna e’ mobile”.
These are the only two operas I see from live.


Beethoven - ‘ode to joy’

Nothing right now. If I was listening to anything it would be Relient K - anatomy of tounge in cheek.

Carry on By Motor Ace (great band :))

the world on my local npr station :slight_smile:

Eric Clapton - My Father’s Eyes

Guttermouth-She’s got the look

Some of my fav bands- MxPx, Supertones, Offspring, Good Charlotte, Antikörper, Sum 41

That enough personal info for you?