Any new music that you listen to?

What are some music that you guys listen to these days?

I still listen to my favorite bands from the 70s, they never get old. This is however one of my favourite latest album releases


Why don’t you tell us what music you listen to, @staffhaws9?

(These types of topic have a tendency to descend swiftly into mere lists of artists which are of no interest to anybody. You can help prevent that by creating an interesting post yourself, so that others will follow suit.)


Dj Khaled - I’m the one (on repeat) :slight_smile:

My favourite from the 70’s that still puts me in a good mood and raring to go :slight_smile:


I’ve been listening to Disturbed’s (not new, but not that old) cover of The Sound of Silence. This was returned to my attention because my children listen to the Trolls soundtrack nonstop, and of course, there’s an Anna Kendrick cover of the same song (part of it, the first verse I think) that’s a single from that movie, so I was reminded of the Disturbed one.

My wife is not a fan of Disturbed, it’s not her type of music, but she liked this one, as it’s a quieter song.

That’s officially my all-time favourite band :slight_smile:

Kehlani’s one of my favorite artist to listen to her laid back kind of music is what i like. How about you guys? Rather than what genre do you guys like, what feelings to you like to feel or vibe whenever you choose a song to play?

As Within, So Without


Mystic Seahorse

Aphex Twin

Modern Day Escape

Love to listen Justin Bieber’s songs.

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