What about Linkedin ? Is it adorable?

Have you opened an account in Linkedin ? I opened one and tried to promote my business, and i find there are many professionals there, and you can always find groups related with your business. But my passion for it lasts not long, since i haven’t find a very efficient way to make promotion. What do you think of it ?

It sounds like your problem is your expectation. You’re approaching social as if it’s a broadcast media channel where you can throw up an ad, get some clicks, and measure how many sales it made that hour. That’s not how it works. I don’t join a group to read your ad. I don’t connect with you to get your messages every morning. Unless you’re buying ads on the social site and just directing clicks away, results are a function of what you provide.

Social networks offer a great way to let people interact with your business and you with them. To hear what they have to say. To start a discussion. To provide information on a topic that can be consumed, responded too and back too. What exactly you do depends on who you are talking too but it’s always interaction driven.

Think and I mean seriously think about what your value is on social. Confirm it by asking a few people who follow you. Then and only then, build a plan for what you’re going to do and a goal for what you want to get out of it.

Thanks a lot, Ted. Maybe my motivation is not correct. I am not a social people. I saw people are posting ads or jobs, or talking something really professional. I just don’t know how to fit in.Though I also started a group, but my industry is too profesional, and i don’t know much about it. Therefore, it is really hard to start related discussions.
By the way, I work in the construction machinery field which i don’t interest at all.

If you don’t know much about your industry you are going to have a very, very hard time in social and really in general. The market is shifting towards expertise and those who can’t speak too it have diminishing value. Find a way to be an expert, if not on the industry details than on the business around it or whatever fits the bill.

I have an linkedin account and always saw that people are posting something unusual and odd. Although, I have joined lots of groups over there but very few people talk about profession and starts a worthy conversation/discussion. Most people are engaged in marketing, and posting ads.

@lonking ; whatever Ted has said is correct. If you are into social media, then you have to be an expert of your industry.

very few people talk about profession and starts a worthy conversation/discussion

They just post something like what we post on Facebook, also notice this one. Very few people post healthy topics.

I think linkedin is a good tool. It has been getting more exposure across the media lately and maybe that will help it with its current issues of not engaging the user. I agree that sometimes you have to search for good users. Regardless, t is another platform of exposure for your brand or for yourself. At least set it up and make an appearance there occasionally to post updates or check groups. I expect linkedin membership to continue its growth.

I have also created my company profile in LinkedIn and finds it great.I have also create my own group and make a LinkedIn poll as well.Try to share your business knowledge and expertise, and help others find solutions to their problems, by answering questions posed in LinkedIn Answers.

LinkedIn is a business centered social networking site that allows users to plan for their careers, Sketching where they were educated, positions they’ve held, and people they’ve worked with. Many of the features on the site allow interaction and networking on a definite level.But due to ever increasing popularity of Facebook,one day it will bump LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is actually a good social network of professionals, and you can interact with a lot of experts in your niche. Well, that depends on how “large” your niche is. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t try it if your niche is unpopular and all. You can try joining a group that talks about the general niche where your topic falls under.

I don’t think so. Although the two are Social Media “fruit” they are apples and oranges. FB is for social connecting with colleagues, friends, and contacts outside of a business environment. IMO, no matter how hard businesses try to infiltrate the model, it will remain a social platform. LinkIn is a business networking environment. Although it falls under the category of “Social Media” at SitePoint, it was never meant to be purely a social platform. In addition to showcasing your professional skills in your profile, LinkedIn recommendations are a great way to promote your business and create good will with colleagues and clients.

Thank you very much for your advice, and i really thought of the questions you raised. I have to confess that my motivation to the social networks is just because of marketing. In fact, i am not a social person, and i didn’t engaged in most of the forums, so i may not the familiar with the rules. From now on, i will try my best to communicate with my audience, not just throw my ads on them.

Linkedin is a good approach for professional network. I have also an account on Linkedin and it is adorable because it is a good platform to interact with relevant people & professionals. It is very helpful resource to maintain your profile and also you can increase your business promotions.

Every social networking site has it’s own characteristics and specialization that can benefit the users of it. In Linkedin case I would agree with Shyflower with what she’d been said.

LinkedIn recommendations are a great way to promote your business and create good will with colleagues and clients.

LinkedIn is good ground for those businesses, but as of today they are all in Facebook and Twitter, and some are in G+.

Remember the thing about networking is to also network outside your core professional group. A main thought about social media marketing is to make your business easier to find. google +, linked in, facebook, etc. Used to be you would do one add in the yellow pages of the local phone book. Not that way anymore :frowning: What do you do in construction?

LinkedIn for me is a social network of professionals who wanted to interact, deliberate and collaborate in their prespective fields. LinkedIN is good when it comes in delivering a connection to other professionals that work also in your preferred field.

LinkedIn is powerful social networking for promoting business.But you have to work hard and have patience for getting results.Alongwith participating discussions and answering questions,you can advertise directly also.

I like LinkedIn, especially the Question/Answer feature. You find a higher rate of relevant questions than you would on Yahoo Answers (though certainly not as many questions, for Y!A its all about bulk amounts of questions/answers as their business model.)

LinkedIn seems all around good, with relatively little spam (or at least, spammers are forced to have a more subtle approach)

I am often posting link on linkedin groups and other.Guys you didn’t believe that i got few leads from linkedin, just posting website links only

Leads are only good when they convert into business. If your only reason for networking on LinkedIn or any other Social site is to post links, you’re doing it wrong. Social networking gives you a chance to get to know your prospective customers and them a chance to know and evaluate your before you do business together. That is why it’s an important tool, especially on the web where people often don’t ever meet face-to-face.