The most rewarding social media in my perspective

I have used various platforms and enjoy them in their unique ways but LINKEDIN stands out for me as it creates a system of professionals connecting and i have got some reasonable contacts much bigger than else where. Which social media rocks your business to success?

I have heard that LinkedIn has some apps that supports commerce. I haven’t got around with LinkedIn that much because I’m fond of FaceBook (and Tweeter second). FaceBook’s huge subscriber base is too lucrative to ignore.

But there’s that Google Plus worth checking to. Since it’s owned by Google, it could help in your Google SEO.

Definitely Google Plus is very effective. I would also prefer LinkedIn as it spreads our professional contact to a great extent thereby helping to enhance business.

When it comes to social media, determining which is the best can be a bit tricky, you should be in a position to determine what results you want from using social media. If you are targeting massive publicity then twitter and facebook are the way to go. However if you are looking for a platform that will give you all the features that you need to market your products and <SNIP>then google plus is the best followed by facebook according to me. However if you want to join fellow professionals in your niche then the place to find them is on linkedin.

Hi Kevin

My suggestion will also be LinkedIn takes the first place. Besides, I would also like to mention here the other social media giants like Facebook, Twitter on the next position. Having an account in these networks would be a common thing, but the presence and the activeness along with some fruitful info pokes to have a better branding to the business. Maximum number of web users are set to have their presence in all these social networks. Literally, these media’s are more communicative amongst the users from the corners of the globe.

The other vantages that I like to list here are:

  • Ability to interact with the professionals from various platforms/industries.
  • Good relationship among the business communities, which is the utmost factor for every business personal.
  • Updated with the industrial happenings including the society, though you are far from them.
  • Opportunity to reach the global audience rather moving within a small circle.

I believe these are all the reasons that could make over a business to rock!

According to my point of view today Facebook is biggest social media giants. Because there are a huge number of users who like to go first on Facebook instead of other. But i doesn’t mean that LinkedIn is not much better, it has business presence and one should have to go for LinkedIn if looking for great outcome from their business.

Presently, Facebook is the place to be, simply because it has a great market share

There are many other social networks (e.g. - Google+, LinkedIn, etc.), but fewer of my contacts are members of these sites.

If your purpose is to create a genuine personal community, go with Facebook.
Google+ is good too, but I find fewer people on there.

Now Facebook,Google Plus and LinkedIn are the most famous social media.But LinkedIn full and full only used for professionally.But every people had profile in Facebook and Google Plus.So these items are only very helpful to promote our products or anythings to people.