Facebook vs Linkedin?

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We all know that today’s competition is very tuff.More social networking site is beat own competitors.Then my question is which networking site is more powerful in professional way?Your option is:-


The position of the Facebook on Alaxa is second, position of the Tweeter is 9th & position of Linkedin is 12th. I think Facebook is the most powerful.

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Facebook wins …!!!

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It depends on what you’re going for. Certain social networks are good for certain things. Facebook has a vast consumer base for instance, but if you want to target professionals and other businesses, LinkedIn is a better place for your money. Twitter is great for everyone, because both professionals and regular consumers use it. In summary, for B2C: Facebook. For B2B: LinkedIn.

Exactly. know your market and where it will be looking.
To a certain degree no reason not to cover as many bases as possible. You can link Facebok, Twitter and Linkedin so you can update all three in one go.

I had forgotten that you can update all three twitter, facebook and linkedin via settings. But, static or rehashed posts don’t get as much traffic as targeted posts. It is interesting to see how each ranks on Alaxa. I have also recently head about twitter stats. tracking. Does anyone know how that feature operates?

With over 750 million active user, Facebook is the biggest audience pool on planet

No they don’t. Google has a much bigger active user base than FaceBook has. So does Microsoft.

Couldn’t agree more, B2B LinkedIn is King.

Yes, Google and Microsoft have bigger active user base but they don’t bigger audience pool than Facebook

Not in a social capacity. It’s clear Facebook is the biggest engageable network but does that mean the best? It depends. Recently there have been a few articles about recruiters coming to Facebook over LinkedIn as more of the population uses it and more often. However what many find is that people reject this interaction on Facebook… as a personal based network people don’t want those professional requests coming in, nor can recruiters find people easily given the privacy lockdown on most profiles. It’s the wrong medium today, but of course Facebook is working to open things up and change that.

Take a B2B manufacturer like Caterpillar. Many of their blue-collar customers use Facebook in their personal lives but professionally? Not as much. As a result CAT runs their own forums, blog and works in other niche sites to engage and with great results. They’re in the big networks too, but different opportunities in different places. http://www.businessesgrow.com/2011/05/18/case-study-caterpillar-and-blue-collar-social-media-marketing/

LinkedIn is a great fit for recruiting and viewing profiles but they have an issue – stickiness. People sign up, fill out their profile, update their profile, add connections, but while groups, answers and other sub-features have helped bring them back, the interaction frequency is painfully low compared to more topical or personal sites.

On the other hand, leading B2C brands have established large social followings on Facebook [as well as Twitter and niche groups] and bases with increasingly strong results to product development, support, commerce, indeed their business is evolving from the interactions.

Most businesses benefit from using all the networks but which is best, or which to focus on, depends on what you are doing, who you are reaching and what engagement means for you.

For professionals, LinkedIn is better than Facebook. LinkedIn is purely for professionals networking together while Facebook is for the generalpublic and has no classification in itself. But marketing wise, Facebook is better than the rest.

That’s true of the demographics but not necessarily the engagement. Most everyone on Linkedin is on Facebook… but what they expect from interactions differ. By the same token, people use linkedin less often giving a far lower opportunity to engage. There’s no absolutes… just lots of possibilities.

Facebook itself screams non-professional. Very few people would go there to look for anything business related and so most business promotion there would be viewed as spam. People looking for business related info look in places that have a higher reputation for business professionalism than Facebook’s 0/10.

True for perhaps pure B2B, but it depends what you are marketing. Look at the big brands, they all promote facebook. Do they get business via this? Probably not, but its promoting the brand, staying current and by having a facebook page perhaps even helping with SEO.

I don’t think it would detract from pretty much any business to have a facebook page.

IMO what puts me off of a business, or individual is when they send constant irrelevant information whether it be by tweeting, facebook updates, Linkedin shares or even plain email.

We’re aware that facebook has a large number of active users compare to any other SN site, but if youre considering professional approach and direct business matters then LinkedIn is way better

Facebook is upper.

To me, facebook is number one. I can connect people to people and others relaxation.

This is a no contest, Facebook hands down wins. On the other hand, those 3 are different from each other.

When you said business promotion are you talking b2b or b2c? Ads or involvement? Brands are clearly well engaged in Facebook but I would agree… users don’t go there looking to be marketed too [not that we go anywhere for that] or for professional type interactions [save the small chunk that uses it for networking]. Brand engagement is much more about engaging for offers, support, validation via q&a, and affinity with names that are a party of your every day life.