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Hello Everyone,I know very well Linkedin is very important networking site,but my question is How can I use Linkedin a/c in a professional way?

First you need to ensure you are connected to those you work or have worked with, then you will have access to their networks and can begin to ‘network’ with those who suit your business or needs. Whatever you do, don’t self-promote, people on LinkedIn will ignore you pretty quickly.

Connect according to your work or job. Like if you are a civil engineer, connect with other civil engineers, construction companies and owners of companies that is related to your profession.

Depending on your goals. I suggest creating an own group to get known. Place blogs about your field. and join groups and discussions

Good advice, but do consider your own goals before joining a LinkedIn Group. For instance, as a writer, I joined a bunch of writer groups, which was a stupid move on my part. Other writers are never going to use my services or help in promoting my business. Join and become active in groups about subjects that matter to you other than those associated with your own business. That’s how you will meet and become known to those who can benefit from your services.

Do you mean for yourself or your business? For yourself, build your profile professionally by uploading an updated resume and network with other professionals that could potentially help you get a job (if you need it). It’s all about networking and created references. If it’s for your business, the group account can be created to promote the company and so that others can be informed on it and if you have job openings you can post them. You can also use LinkedIn’s advertising services.

Thanks for starting this thread. I never really understood how Linkedin works in regard of promoting a business. I don’t think Linkedin helps me a lot and i’m still puzzled

Absolutely right, make friends which is niche your topic (relevant to your profession) and share with them or boost the network.

Such a great insight to consider shyflower. This is an excellent advice for people who wants to use the social media properly and effectively.

If you want to use any Social Websites as a business media to exchange business than you should do the following things in your mind:

  1. Use twitter and Facebook and linked with your linked in account so that you don’t need to post again on FB and twitter account
  2. Complete your Profile and provide as much as business content in your profile.
  3. Follow your market and related persons
  4. Keep updating your followers and other marketing professionals about your services and products
  5. Participate and Engage online

linkedin for professional but overall facebook is the best easy and too Good for business :slight_smile:

Linkedin is the most populer social Networking site .if you want to make a A/c this site for a professional way then you share all information of you professional profile . this is the good think of a Linkedin Professional Profile.

Linkedin is one of the best social networking sites. I and my mostly friend use it .It is very useful in business . By this , we can connect our own profession people.By them, we get useful and important information.

LinkedIn can really help you with professional point of view.There are some tips that will help you while using it.

  1. Never assign user name as professional,use simple name as user name.

  2. Try to make new friends but that friends should be professional not students.

  3. Don’t try to advertise your business straight away,First try to make friends as simple point of view.

Note : If you will use your account for your business straight away then you will get no response for users.

Linkdin is the professional social networking website make your professional profile over there meet business people related to your profession …YOu can grow your business with the help of linkdin profile…

A good way to use Linkedin is if you are a professional who has a job in one of the categorical listings on there. Once you are in there, daily or weekly you can add more contacts to your network. This will get you known amongst your business peers, and among other categories as being someone from your field of expertise. This is a great way to network professionally and I think it is best suited for you if you need to look for another job or if you are trying to see if there are more opportunities out there for you.

Its really depend upon you that what type of help or what the way you want to use it .There is lot of help you can take from LinkedIn, you can meet with the people of your profession and can done the discussion with there. you can grown your business from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is totally professional networking sites. Here you can update all the things related to your carrer. You can upload your resume also.

The good thing about Linkedin is you can include your work profile for the potential employer to see.

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