How to get leads through linkedin?

Does anyone have any idea on how to get leads through linkedin? As I have one website named logiseek which is built for cad drafting services and as I’m looking for new avenues to get leads through social media it would be helpful if anyone can guide me on this.

You might want to look into joining groups who might want your services, as opposed to the idea of joining groups which are in the same line as yours. While the latter can help you rise up the ladder to being considered as one of the experts in your industry, the first one I mentioned is a good way of getting to know your target market. In my opinion, LinkedIn is more of a professional network than a casual social networking site like Facebook. You might want to join other social media sites if you want to see where your target market really hangs out.

Provide value to people who are interested in what you do. Win.

It’s a simple concept but really critical… Most businesses see social and wonder “how do we market on this place” and while you can often buy ads or build a sort of traditional marketing program, that’s not social and not going to produce the “viral” or “organic” win. Instead social is really about being connected to your customers and prospects such that they’re seeing information not about you but about the category, about what you do to the point that that you’ve become accessible. Getting existing customers involved just ups the results bringing more authenticity and diversity to the conversation. Don’t sell. Don’t push.

Try to add more friends in your network and suggest page to all. linkdein is official way to connect with people.

Joining various Linkedin Groups is the best way to get leads through Linkedin. Infact its also the best means to get jobs. Many friends of mine have also lately used Linkedin in their benefits to get jobs in other companies

Many people think they can win someone with first contact. This is unrealistic thinking.

a. First contact ----------> Purchase = not going to happen
b. First contact -----------------------------> Purchase = Will happen

Case (b):

  1. The long line represents various engagements, discussion with your ideal prospects. When you engage them, they can see value in your talk and will buy or recommend you.

Continue to engage into LinkedIn, add linkedin apps if you run a blog support products or services of your site, complete profile. You can also find group in your niche and interact with group members by liking, sharing or commenting on their post.


try to find groups that are relevent to the services you suggest. throught the groups you can create the leads.
also, try to add friends or people that you think will help you connect with the right costumers.
dont forget that the main purpose it to create connections that will eventually be helpful and useful for you.

how is your progress till now? is it working for you? did you try the groups?

Be Specific,Discuss in Groups,Create an Event …if u follow these three on linkedIn…easily able to get leads.

Very wise words, Linked in is aimed at the professional market, as long as you remain professional you will get good solid leads.

This is something that people should take note of. There are a lot of people who are thinking of using social networks like LinkedIn to promote whatever it is that they’re selling without engaging in conversations with people. They think that if they’re just going to advertise right off the bat, they’re going to get a customer. That could happen, but that’s not always the case, especially if you’re selling something that doesn’t have that much demand. To cut things short, it’s better if you’re going to build your reputation first before anything else on these social networks. This isn’t just limited to LinkedIn.

Exactly. And reputation building takes time.

In addition to joining groups you should answer questions on LinkedIn. Find some questions that are relevant to your expertise or field and give good solid answers. Once you become “known” in your field in that forum, people will recognize your name, and be more to so business with you.

I found that, as everybody else has mentioned - By joining groups which are relevant to your niche, taking part in discussions and posting useful information. Also post your a link to any blog or article which you feel would be of interest. Your sure to get a decent following :slight_smile:

While your ideas are good, there is an infinite difference between a following on Social Media and a “lead” for your business. What being visible on Social platforms does for you is help potential customers get to know you and your business in a way that participation in their community helps your local merchant. Yet, a lead is a prospective customer that you can follow. Generally you get leads from your colleagues, satisfied customers, and other contacts that have gotten to know you through your participation. The way to get leads on linked in is to ask those in your 1st network to write a recommendation for you. That way, if someone is looking for the service you provide, your profile will become visible to your potential customers. You can also use Linked In job-search. However, usually their jobs are in-house positions rather than geared to freelance.

Get all your coworkers to sign up and link your site!

And how will that help you acquire leads?

It would in turn strenthen your profile making you appear more established and reliable. The more people who support you, the more people will want to support you and provide you links!

u need to first build up a group of followers and you should have a positive recommendations, they hopefully u will get some good leads

Try this policy to get leads through linkedin

  • Create company profile and link this company to all employs profile.
  • Connecting to your relevant people
  • Keep sharing
  • Commenting on other post
  • Join relevant group and follow their members
  • Join in Group discussion