LinkedIn Promotion

I’d appreciate any suggestion concerning LinkedIn Page promotion.

Are there any services/solutions to increase followers number for a company page?

keep posting there, try to add more connections and start your promotions by joining groups and discussions make sure not to spam so they will keep you and always remember to post only related to the topic. good luck

LinkedIn is like Facebook and Twitter you need to be active on the online community to be able to reach your targeted visitors. Spend time on it and focus on how to provide them a better option to choose and trust you as their source.


you can use LinkedIn Company Page Analytics to measure your result and activity.

I am a little interested in Linkedin promotion after seeing you guys posts… Does Linkedin promotion work? I once used facebook, the result is not good.

Linkedin is a social network website for professionals. Therefore, you need to be good at what you do. If you are promoting your client’s business there, you should have a deep understanding on how the business works and participate on the groups with the right attitude.

Linkedin is not really a promotion channel in nature if you’d ask me. It’s a platform where you can build relationship with other professionals that share the same interest with you.

I should say that the company page on LinkedIn is like a business card. It’s not so powerful tool for promotion but it’s definitely the must for showing that your business is known and trusted. And like other pages on social networks you need to keep it alive.

LinkedIn is a business networking website made for professionals. If you want to promote your company or business through LinkedIn then you are required strong professional skills and I think it will be better to hire an online marketing professional for this purpose.

Thanks everyone.

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