Validation help

please see

i dont follow the 2 errors, kindly help me out

i added alt=“image”`` but still get this error

are infos important?

You have a </body> end tag before <footer>.

If you run the HTML Validator again with https you do not get those errors:

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The validator tells you what their importance is.

Trailing slash on void elements has no effect and interacts badly with unquoted attribute values.

From line 37, column 18; to line 37, column 75

<div><img src="" alt="image" /></div>

Remove the trailing slash that is before the closing bracket as it is not required in html5.

Also alt=“image” is nonsense as it tells me nothing I wouldn’t know already from the mark up. It should be specific to describe the image.

If the image is just decoration then it should be empty. i.e. alt=“”.

ok, progress

corected line 37, 55, 59 same

same green



also says

Document checking completed. No errors or warnings to show.

corected line 92 and 93 same



i believe i have been told to ignore this

thats everything!

please help me out here :slight_smile:

tell me what my code should look like

Yes you can ignore that as it will go away when you use English text.


everything is validated

accept for

i tried to figure this out myself, no go

i would think this is simple :slight_smile:

please clarify and pass on to me the right code, and again, a comment on how you fixed it

thank you!!!

86 .iHolder img Value Error : min-height only 0 can be a unit. You must put a unit after your number : 100

Seems fairly self explanatory. The min-height is 100 what?
You need to specifiy which units.

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