Validation Errors in site Created by myself with limited knowledge of HTML

Hi Guys,

I’ve just published a site created by myself in dreamweaver with limited knowledge of HTML to promote my software. Now i tried validating it using w3c but no matter what i do it keep saying “errors found” Anyone can help me to rectify these errors? Any suggestion are welcome regarding designing, coding. Here is the url:

To the errors in the scripting lines, I’m not sure how to avoid those. these I can help with:

Line 32 & 71 - ‘alt’ not specified: There has to be an alt tag to every image displayed. The alt tag should describe the image. Example, your images shows a man walking his dog, the alt that could say: alt=““Man walking his Golden Retriever across a meadow.” - The intent is that those who cannot see the image for whatever reason can still know what is there.
If the image is merely decorative and adds no value to the content of a site, you still need an alt tag, but it can be empty: alt=”"

Lines 69. 64, 71, 66, and 64 - ID already defined: An ID can only be used ONE time on a website. If you need to use the same formatting more than once, use a class instead.

The last three errors related to the <ul> tag - Your “List of few key-features of Estelar PDF … software” starts out with two <ul> tags - that’s one too many.

Some general comments:

<br />s are tags for line breaks, not to create space. Use margin and/or padding instead. Same goes for empty p or h tags.

Typo: “Our Software Cannot PerFRom the following…”

The naked & ampersand in the HTML is illegal since it is not relational to an entity and belongs inside the SCRIPT NOT markup <!-- I am Script –> . You are missing the ALT attributes from several images and there are duplicated ID values whereas ID is supposed to be unique perhaps you meant to write class instead? Plus you have a malformed nested UL other than those occurrences most of the rest looks as though it would pass.

Thanks guys will try to rectify them as soon as possible. One more question do google also consider these validation errors into account while ranking or indexing a site?

Unless they actually affect Google’s ability to parse and understand the page, there’s no evidence that they actively penalise sites with invalid code. While as professionals who take care over their work, we might think it would be a good thing if they did, realistically it isn’t going to help the average surfer if loads of sites are arbitrarily dropped down the rankings because they don’t pass the HTML Validator.

I generally try to stay within the Validator myself, sometimes it’s unavoidable really. I’ve coded a JS image preview script that used custom tags to function properly but they would never pass the Validator on w3c. Thankfully I too heard that invalid code doesn’t disrupt rankings.

It really just can mess with how your site is viewed and functions. Which is why I try to validate the coding as much as I can.

Thanks for the help and views guys.