Which is the best

Twitter,Facebook or Linkedin which is the best one for Marketting:)

they are good in their own ways. i would put facebook and linkedin before twitter.

Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin all these 3 are good for marketing… but its depend on your product/service…

All the three are good for marketing. But Face book is even more better than other.

i think twitter is best

For me Twitter is the best one.
And then Facebook is great.

I think digg is best

All of these have its advantages, Twitter best for branding, Facebook for better visibility and Linkedin for Professional linking

You can’t compare everything…Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are three of the best social bookmarking sites used for marketing around the world. each one of them have their own benefits.

Hey thanks everyone for the replies can anyone tell how many users these sites have

they all best for me :D:D:D

Linkedin & twitter are good

I use all. In order to succeed you need to diversify!

I used Twinkedinbook myself, saves me time.

What is “Twinkedinbook” By the way?

I think LinkedIn is great for social networking with people from your same industry and professional sector. Facebook and Twitter are better for branding and visibility. As usual, in Marketing, the whole point is to segment well your options. Look at where your customers interact the most and then target that spot.

Twitter is so famous these days that some of the new users to SEO even consider it as a basic SEO step to be followed.

Facebook is best among all as it is used my more people than anyother in list

Whichever you’re more skillful at using. FB and Twit have their strengths and it really depends on the type of user for each one. It also pends on what you’re promoting.

Twitter is the best for me.