What’s the best social media tool to start with? (Blog? Facebook? LinkedIn?)


 I confuse in social media sites which one is the best for beginner.

Best is relative, and very rarely exists in this field. Instead what you have is “appropriate”.

For example if you want to promote a b2b service aimed at professionals LinkedIn or Twitter would be a great fit but if you wanted casual users, Facebook would be much more appropriate.

What are you looking to do on social?

Facebook is probably the most generally useful as it has a number of options for promotion, like ppc, fanpages (with recent improvements over FBML), apps, and so on.

In order to have engage with customers it is best way to choose Twitter. FaceBook and LinkedIn offers value to your company by permitting you to establish company page. LinkedIn has largely a professional audience with career aspirations, while Facebook is more oriented towards the everyday person and their own lifestyle. Depending upon your audience, you might find any one of these sites useful than another.

I’m pretty new in this industry too, but I found linkedin is extremely useful for b2b. Simply a post will get you somewhere.

Facebook is the most useful and popular Social Website all over the world.

this topic is already being discussed in the thread relevant social media sites. We don’t need another thread to list LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter several hundred times. Thread closed.