Which Social Media provides best results?

Hello Users!

I am working on web promotion for my earlier developed website named Liaison Online. I am not writing domain because I don’t know all the rules of sitepoint, may be it is spam.
Anyways, I want to know which social media accounts provides good results. Please share your view.

Thanks for your forthcoming response and time taken to reply me.

Hello Aksaini,

This is too vague of a question. First, it depends on the nature of the website…I tried liaisononline.com, but it’s not the one, so I have no idea what are you into. Different social media provide different platforms with its specific benefits. In most cases it is a good idea to work on more than one social media at the same time. You have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn as the top 5 social media platforms. Facebook has the most users, but this doesn’t mean that ti will necessarily provide the best results. It all depends on the campaign. Working with social media takes time a persistence, do not expect to skyrocket your website by registering an account.


You should count on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Those are the best social media to communicate with maximum people.

Also I have started promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin.

Thanks… I am working on these sites.

Well social media always provide better results and it promotes business and always provide better output and result and i would lie to name the facebook and twitter at the top.

You can use Google+, Youtube, Orkut and all other Google partner sites. It will good for SEO purpose to use Google’s own feature. You can also use twitter, facebook, myspace, VK.com

There are many social media sites which boost the traffic. But Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pininterest, Orkut Google+ and Linkdin are considered the best among them. But signup or creating account on these sites is not enough to drag traffic towards your website. Promotion depend on network, Groups and Followers on these sites.

Apart from that your account can be banned for the violation of rules & regulation for the promotion of the product. So first you would need to read the terms & conditions of these sites then keep the rules in the mind when you are promoting your website.

But still there are rare chance to get any lead from these social networking sites as real visitors come from the search engine.

Well social media is the best medium to reach your potential customer.Currently Facebook, twitter,Google+ and linkedin are mostly used to drive traffic on website. But these social media is beneficial. when there is more user engagement and more audience are talking about your product and services.

They are facebook, twitter, linkedin,google+ and many more. Go to google and search for best social media sites and you will get the results for sure. pinterest and myspace are also very beneficial to build good traffic. Create your pages and boards there and start adding connections.

Facebook and Twitter provide the best result in Smo.

but mainly you should concentration n facebook

It really depends on the type of biz you have. There are a lot of choices like Facebook, twitter, and Google +. But to me, I’d take twitter and Google + any day. Based on my experience, it’s a lot faster and easier for people to follow you on twitter and/or Google + than having them like your facebook page, especially twitter. I think that it’s important that there are those who want to at least hear or read what you have to say.

Social media, on the other hand, is a two-way street that gives you the ability to communicate too It is easy to confuse social media with social news because we often refer to members of the news as “the media.”

Hi Aksaini

I could look through most of the responses being voted up for Facebook. Just to picture you a step ahead, I’d say you to have the presence on Google Plus (which is the most required and a considered aspect for search engine), while the Facebook (ads included), Twitter Feeds (with all your hash tags, re-tweets), Pinterest (a pin board that really makes a better place for awesome people to make awesome stuffs), LinkedIn (quite usual and professional), Digg at the top-most priority.

Engaging active in Facebook and Google Plus adds up a value to your site in turn. While you are to tweet or share your own stuffs in the other social networks. Creating a better identity in all these websites would really be a betterment!

you should use Facebook and twitter to promote your website and to communicate with other people. this are one of the best social media sites for promotion and twitter is also good for micro blogging website.

There are many social media sites which boost the traffic. But Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Google+ and Linkedin are considered the best among them. You can use social networking sites like stumbleupon, delicious, digg, reddit, newsvine, blinklist, folkd etc. for the promotion and traffic of the website.

I would like to suggest facebook, twitter and linkedIn for better results. It is applicable to all kind of business.

You Should use FB, Linkedin, Twitter

Don’t overextend yourself. Its far better to present and engaging on a few social networks, rather than on ALL of them.

Twitter and Facebook are going to be essential though.