Testing php locally


just wondering…is there a way to test php locally without having to install php and sql n apache :blush:



Though a command line interface.
php somefile.php

Can use SQLite for the database bundled with PHP 5, no installation or server to run.
Can even write a small PHP script to act as a web server itself, no Apache required.

That requires a PHP installation. The requirements were no PHP installation.

Perhaps I have a different definition of installation. That doesn’t include simply unziping PHP’s archive into some directory probably next to your project, nothing messing with system settings…but eh whatever. Usually why I get annoyed at people that ask how to “install” the Zend framework, like it is Office or something…

You can download and install XAMP which is basically Apache, MySQL and PHP bundled together and you can be up and running quite quick. An alternative windows only version is [URL=“http://www.wampserver.com/en/”]WAMP.


Beat me to it :frowning: