Installing a Localhost. (I have NO clue where to begin)

Hello SP,

I am now learning PHP, and I want to install a local server to process my php files, rather than executing them on a remote server.

I have read some tutorials, but I get lost halfway. I have also tried downloading a “localhost installer”, but that failed as well.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

(also, please keep the jargon simple since I am a php/database/localhost layman :P)

The simplest place to start is either or and use the download link to download a copy of Apache/PHP/mySQL/etc that can be installed all in one go. In both cases after downloading you just need to run the downloaded file in order to do the install.

Yes, that’s the way to go. If you are on a Mac, the equivalent of WAMP is MAMP, which is great. You set it up in minutes and it works beautifully.

There are also Mac and Linux versions of XAMPP available.

my advice…
go to youtube…see some videos of installing may be
apache,php,mysql or
wamp,mamp,xammp or easyphp
see how they do it…

then get a decent book

dynamic websites with php 6 and mysql 5 by larry ulman is not bad either only lacking in the book is OOP techniques…

I personally prefer wamp for developmental purposes because the ease of use - you can adjust PHP modules and Apache settings from the tray icon etc… :wink: