Need instructions for setting up a testing server

Yes, I am a newbie and I have always worked through phpMyAdmin to set up sites but I have a need to develop sites locally and then migrate them to a hosting server. But I have no idea how to set up my own PC to do this. I searched in the forum and I couldn’t really find anything that gave me a NEWBIES guide to something like this. Any sites or files that can take you through the process would be greatly appreciated.

Does phpMyAdmin work locally too or is this for remote use only.

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Thanks to the both of. Very helpful information.

Setting up a home development server with Apache, MySQL, PHP, and phpmyadmin is not hard if you remember one crucial thing: place a copy of libmysql.dll from your PHP installation in Apache’s bin folder or else you can’t use MySQL. Download Apache, MySQL, PHP, and phpmyadmin and follow the instructions.

I have never tried this, but a simple method is to use XAMPP. One file download and it will install all those things on your computer. Then download phpmyadmin and unzip it in your Apache htdocs folder. Run the index.php file and it will guide you through the set up.

that would be for you to decide, but i certainly give it a strong recommendation

So you are saying use HeidiSQLin place of phpMySQL?

yes it can work locally, but you have to run it on a web server with php

i find it more convenient to use a desktop app like HeidiSQL (which can also connect remotely to your host when the time comes)