PHP Development/Test Process


I am starting to learn PHP (I’m OK with C, C++ and C#) and I have a remote web server I am using for testing.
My problem is that my test/debug process consists of:

  1. Edit Code (using Brackets)
  2. Upload to web server (using FileZilla)
  3. Wait for 1-minute cron job to execute code (because I don’t have access to command line)
  4. Check an output file for any errors.
  5. Repeat

This is all a bit slow and frustrating, how do other people do this?
I do have a WAMP installation on my box, is that the way to go instead?


Yes, that is one option, if you already have it installed it should be easy. Certainly better than testing remotely.
Though there are other options for a local environment.

Some topics here about local environment setups:-

I’ve used to good effect. I use it as the web server for a timing system i built for mountain bike race events and it runs on a single machine and can be networked so we can print from other machines whilst the main machine is being used for timing etc.

It is self contained so you can just put it on any windows machine and run it and your website will appear. It’s pretty fast as it’s all local and you can just edit the files in the html directory and the changes are instantly live.


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Hi Noppy,
That’s a good idea. I’ll take a look at that, thanks for the reply.


I may need to look at that, I did use this originally so may be an option when my PHP gets beyond the beginner stage.
Appreciate the reply.

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