Tell me the ways to move traffic from twitter on my website


Can anyone suggest me the ways to move traffic from the twitter on my website. As I have created the account on twitter.

Also let me know to increase more followers on my twitter account.


Increase followers - its depend on you, i mean how popular you are in internet, as well whom you are following, also need good & interesting tweet from your side, also do tweet regularly.

Twitter to your web - you can add your web address in your profile, also in your tweet you can mention your web address if needed.

Create a twitter profile with your full details and submit your links on it, Get more followers on your niche. It will drive you more traffic.

To increase your followers, there are many people who use some websites to follow people who can be interested to their blog and wait them for following them back.
In the past, i used Twitter Match to automatically follow people and a few days after, i delete people who didn’t follow me back with Twitter Karma.
To increase naturally your traffic, your website/blog must be good, write regurlarly quality content and people will follow you because they like your writing.
Finally, to transfer your Twitter traffic to your site, just tweet about your posts.

About the best way I have seen so far and I use it as I can, is to have a good blog that is relevant to your target, use plugins such as the Wordbooker plugin for Facebook and the favorite Twitter brother plugin…these post excerpts of your blog posts to your twitter and facebook accounts, so those following you or friends with you will see them, others may find you through the informative and worthwhile information and then start to follow you whereas they may not have other wise.

So blogging and then feeding from there is by far the best…other ways of course include going out to the blogs and sites that those you are following have posted and contributing your attention to them…rule of thumb do not expect that which you are not willing to give…in other words you can not be someone who simply pours links and sayings to their twitter and facebook never going anywhere or offering any information and then expect a flow of incoming traffic…hope the advice helps…