How to generate traffic from facebook or twitter?

Hi Everyone,
I want to know that how can I generate traffic from facebook and twitter for my website, So please suggest me some tips to generate traffic from facebook and twitter.

you create a fan page on facebook and join group related your site share your post on facebook. and twitter add followers and following and tweet post on twitter .get awesome traffic.

Hi Nicole,

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Here are the tactics that I am personally using to generate traffic from Facebook and Twitter.

Setup a Facebook Page and start publishing content that your audience would love (visual content such as photos work best).
Invite all of your friends to get started have embed the Facebook Like Box on your website.
When you publish new content on your website, blog or some other social networks such as Youtube, etc, share them on your FB Page.
Use the scheduling feature to space up your post intervals so that your fans do not get annoyed.
Interact with all comments if any.
Subscribe to your fans public status updates or add them to an interest list (if you want to remain anonymous). Like and leave a comment on their statuses that are relevant to your website.

Use Buffer to preschedule tweets or links that are relevant to the audience that you are trying to attract.
Use the search feature to follow and reply to tweets relevant to your website (answering questions that people are tweeting is a good way to start).
Use Twitter Lists feature to list the authorities of your niche. RT their tweets and try interacting with them from time-to-time.

The above is just a very brief summary of what I am using and may not suit your website.

Feel free to ask questions if you would like me to go into the details. :slight_smile: And feel free to shoot holes on the tactics too.

@Wayne_Liew ;

I’m thinking your tactics are pretty-much bullet proof. :slight_smile:
Can you tell us a little more about your experience with Buffer? How has it helped you on twitter?
By the way, I really like your tip about using the search features and Twitter Lists feature on Twitter.

Overall, it’s one great post and I hope to see many more like it from you here at SitePoint!

Thanks for the nice comment. I’m looking forward to learn from Team Leaders and Moderators like you too.

I’m on Buffer’s Awesome plan, which costs me $10/month. It has helped me tremendously on Twitter and Linkedin. All I have to do these days (after the initial setup) is just to add quality tweets and links to it as I read, browse or surf the web, knowing that they will be automatically tweeted during the pre-scheduled times.

I would say that it is extremely useful for somebody like me who doesn’t have time to go onto or Tweetdeck and think about what to share during a specific hour. Nowadays, when I do visit, I only respond to mentions and find tweets via search or the lists that I setup earlier to respond to.

A word of caution, although Buffer supports Facebook as well, I chose Facebook’s native scheduling feature for Pages over Buffer. This is because there have been some blog posts showing that status updates posted by third party apps like Hootsuite and Buffer onto Facebook have slightly lower Edgeranks, which reduces the visibility of your updates. Haven’t experiment this myself though… :slight_smile:

Firstly you must create your business page. Next, try to make your posts more interactive. For instance frame it in the form a question or a poll or asking for suggestions etc. At the end of the post there must always be a call to action. If the user has liked your post what must he/she do next? give a link to your site or a phone number or a form to fill etc etc. i.e. whatever you need them to do.

This comment brought my attention. Tweetdeck also has a scheduling feature. Yet, I don’t know if Buffer has any advantages over Tweetdeck and I’m not aware of. Since you used both, I’d be interested in knowing your opinion.

Like and post in pages same as your niche and that have atleast 2000 likes.This has helped me to bring visitors from fb

Post in short and simple language so that everyone can understand it very easily. Apart from that you have to make friends related to your product or technology and interact with them like you are their friend, in this way you can make a bigger group of friends and share your posts worldwide and make a good reputation of your company or site. Moreover these all will help you in getting good traffic.

I’ve often found with twitter, just merely following someone else most of the time results with a follower. Just dont get hung up on the following/followed ratio like some do. And as you stated, keeping those followers you do follow relevant to your niche is important. (or location etc)
thanks for the other idea’s and info.

Now i need to find pinterest help :slight_smile:

We’re happy to help where we can and we do have several members that use pin interest. Just post your question in a new thread. That way I can feature it and it will be more visible to all members. :slight_smile:


I see you did post a new thread already! It’s featured now!

Hey NicoleInfo,

Greetings. Well Facebook and Twitter are two most favorite Social networking website now a days. To generate traffic from the Facebook you can use Facebook fan page and keep updated your Facebook fan page with latest and interactive content, It will improve your reach over Facebook. I will also suggest you to ingrate your Facebook and Twitter accounts together. To get traffic from twitter follow # trends. Well over Facebook groups are good medium of targeted people which can be your potential visitors for your website.

Great discussion here. The most important aspect in social media marketing is engagement. You may have made super cool photos on your Facebook page or have shared awesome links on your Twitter timeline. But, if you do not engage with your audience or target market it would still be useless. You have to respond to their questions, react to their comments, etc. That will make your brand more relevant and interesting.

Hi molona, that’s a very good question and I think everyone asks the same question before getting started with Buffer.

The huge difference between using Buffer and a Twitter client offers scheduling such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite is the ability to save time and have everything in one place.

If you use Tweetdeck or Hootsuite’s scheduling feature, there is a need to set a future date and time whenever you try to schedule a tweet. On the other hand, with Buffer, the time and date is only set once before you start, and all the tweets that you schedule will go out during the time set.

If you are worrying about creating a pattern that your followers can spot easily, they offer a robust settings page that you can use to set different time for different days of the week. If you want to change the time, just do it from the settings page and all the tweets in your buffer will adjust themselves accordingly.

And they do scheduling for platforms link Linkedin very well. All of the scheduled updates coming from Buffer will have a thumbnail together with a proper title and description, which is not the case with some of the social media dashboards out there.

You really have to give it a try to appreciate Buffer (it has a free plan anyway).

This might sound like I’m promoting them heavily but it’s really not, just a post coming from a happy customer. :slight_smile:

Feel free to add more questions.

Happy customers are the best. And I’m interested in improving my time management skills and make the most of my time… just to see if I have any time to rest :lol:

You need to create valuable content if you want to generate traffic that will help people in your niche. Seek them out, then over deliver. Occassionaly mention that more info can be found on your site, but don’t hard sell. Hard selling on these sites is worthless, you will waste your time and your reputation.

I really don’t think Facebook adds any value to the business… no matter how many likes you have … what does it mean? is it going to convert people… probably not

First of all need to setup both face book page and twitter business page
update more relevant content on both pages.
follow relevant user on both pages
Invite all of your friends to get started have embed the Facebook Like and twitter followers.
Use the scheduling feature to space up your post intervals so that your fans do not get annoyed

Buttom line, share, collaborate with real people parallel to your market with that they will trust your product, your business and they will start talking back to you. More shares,more likes, more retweets, more mention. Good luck!

Yes, even if you at the moment need no Facebook page, it is good to have it just to put the facebook icon to your site… just to disoplay “we are on Facvebook as well”…

As time goes you may findbetter puroposes for that facebook page!