Really twitter and facebook bring more traffic?

Hello Friends, I have more confusion. Twitter and facebook really those are worked to bring traffic? If I have only 10 followers then how twitter effect to get traffic?

Another thing is, if we do activity in facebook and share some video or images or messages then we found suddenly someone have visited that, but when we share some web link for our traffic propose no one like this. So how we get traffic from it?

Any help will be appreciated.

I have been using twitter just for fast crawl purpose not for traffic. on facebook you may get more traffic if you use it actively.

Using Twitter to attract traffic will only be successful if you can get more followers. If you’ve only got 10, you’ve got a bit mountain to climb in terms of your marketing strategy.

There is no silver bullet. Using Twitter and Facebook won’t magically make you popular. First of all, you need to make sure you’ve got good content on your site, that makes it worth people’s while visiting your site. What is it that is going to make people want to visit, and want to come back for more? Are the followers that you do have loyal and regular visitors, or did they add you in a fit of enthusiasm and ignore you ever since? If they are loyal, how can you encourage them to spread the word and recommend your site to others?

These aren’t answers, they’re questions. Each site will have different needs and a different strategy. You need to work out what the answers are for you.

I am not sure about twitter, but Facebook can help you more. Several business are running through Facebook, using Facebook pages, apps etc. WE can generate a good traffic from good Facebook pages.

Thanks all…

Can’t say so much about twitter but am getting good traffic from facebook. I have created groups and pages there and suggest them to my friends and after some time i start getting traffic from them. But remember that you need to be very active on facebook. Be natural and participate in healthy discussions. Don’t only always promote yourself. Share interesting and healthy links.

I think Steve D made the valid point in this thread but just to demonstrate it.

Twitter would be great for a news site (with original news, not copied content). Now you use twitter to create an upward spiral this way:

  • your website is great but new so you get a regular dribble of traffic
  • some of those become your twitter followers
  • you tweet regularly which makes them return to your site
  • google is impressed by the loyalty of your users and ranks you higher
  • more users, more twitter followers, more tweets, more return visitors, more love from google.

It Brings quality traffic to my site. But I am working more on it for quality traffic.

Offer something that people want to follow you for.

Many people use these media to enable search engines find your pages faster. FB etc. are good to announce your products or services to your customers, clients, etc. A websites presence in social media websites is likely to increase its ranking in search results.

For me the Facebook is one of the best resource to get high traffic. From twitter i have never got success.

How can we invite people to become our facebook fan page?

Thank you

Start with where your customers are and offer them value… whether it’s exclusive updates, access to product experts, coupons, contests, whatever is unique and useful to your business follower.

You can promote it online if you have a site, offline in a store, through product packaging, retail partners… the urls are easy, it’s giving people enough reason to want to join up and follow you.

We find that the key to attracting strong followings on Facebook and Twitter is to offer great content. This gets users to ‘like’ or re-tweet. Personally I think quality is better than quantity. The rest then takes care of itself.

Twitter is hyper active channel, if you do not respond on time you will loose the game.

Twitter demands more time and attention.

Many big brands are using twitter for generating leads and revenues…
Take example of Dell, They generated 3 million worth of sales last year with twitter… This is something really amazing.

To be clear, Dell generated $3 million direct sales where people clicked a link and ordered. This is the minority of social activity and therefore just the tip of any larger impact that would be indirect. When people mention a brand / product they don’t attach a tracked link to their comment.

Twitter is good for getting spiders on are websites easily and quickly but Facebook can provide you good traffic and also useful people. Intract with people in all those platforms you will get benefit.

Many times, only the tiny URL (that redirects to the actual URL) is posted in Twitter. Can Google and Bing find and crawl the actual URL?

Example: The url redirects to

Will Google crawl later page if only the small URL is posted in Twitter? thanks.

Short URLs are followed by most spiders however they don’t have anchor text and in all reality if you are doing a good job at social, even short links will only be used a fraction of the time. If you get any gains in SEO out of your social program they should be a side benefit, not the focus.

Hi! I’m a twitter user and also a fan of facebook and if you’re talking about how to gain more traffic with 10 followers?It’s not that bad all you have to do is follow others and they will follow you back, it’s how you handle all your followers, update your status and talk to them share something interesting and not boring. Be trendy and that’s it share the link or your blog sites and you’ll see more traffic in it. Likewise to facebook, you have to gain more friends too.