How to improve website traffic from social Media?

i have lot doubts on how to get trafficfrom social media marketing sites.
can any one give suggestions to get good traffic from top sites like,, … and more.


One thing for sure that is social media websites have huge numbers of visitor, who login to these website daily basis. To get traffic from these websites you need first to post good unique contents on your website then share your posting on these social media website to get good amount of traffic.

My way of getting traffic is posting good post on my website and share that post on social media websites. This share on social media help me getting huge traffic…

Hi, You an increase traffic through social media site Facebook and twitter. When you are creating a Facebook fan page, create attractive welcome page and add as many friends as you can then communicate with your friends. Post comment for your friends post like their status etc and just improve your communication and ask them to like your fan page. Run Facebook Applications like network blog and connect it to twitter.

For Twitter optimizing, just follow people having same interest, post tweets with images and even you can add videos through application. Reply people on twitter and make a list of people. Connect it with Facebook.

You can also conduct some interesting activities like creating a poll and inviting your users to participate in that poll, these type of activities keeps you active and alive on social networks and it’ll act as a bridge among you and your users. And most importantly don’t irritate your users by sharing only about your site/blog provide them authentic and niche related resources/news.

Crate fanpage, than send message to all your friend to visit and like your fanpage. Also try to paste link in groups and similar fanpage.

Well for that you must attract people towards you and make them your fan or friends, than make a fan page and call them there that will help you more and people here advise you same what I said. But one thing I like to tell you that before doing this you must read the making of Facebook why he make it and how he get this Idea.


Hi everyone! You can increase traffic to the top sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin by creating business pages, add more friends and specially posting an interested articles or videos that are connected to your products or business. And one more thing to remember that interacting to groups and other pages is one way also to get a good traffic on your site.

My way of getting traffic is posting good post on my website and share that post on social media websites. This share on social media help me getting huge traffic…

We get about 30% of our traffic from our Facebook Page. We created the page to give product updates to our users, establish good PR, and get their feedback. Trust me, if you have a good Facebook page filled with satisfied customers recommending your product or site to their friends it generates a lot of business for you!

I think it is all about news - so post unique and interesting news on your website and sharre that on your social media profiles.

To get traffic on your website with the help of social media marketing, you have to make a fan page on social sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. then it is necessary to get follower of that page. send as many requests as you can and join with the people.

Social media is good way to direct traffic towards your site but initially it takes time and you should have to be active on social media profiles to make interaction with users. Once your profile get set and popular you will get huge benefit of it. Also to make your profile good always share knowledgeable information with users that are relevant and latest.

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