Tips to get traffic on a blog

  1. update
  2. Insert keywords for each article
  3. Submit Blog URL to Search Engine
  4. Submit to The Blog Directory
  5. Submit Your Blog to Google Reader

I was expecting something fresher than this.

How about posting to yahoo answers? Something more interesting and challenging, it can bring lots of traffic if you done it right. Go figure.

If you’re running a WordPress blog, there’s an interesting plugin called XML Sitemaps. It’ll create a new sitemap every time you post and submit it to Google, Ask, Yahoo, and Bing. Also consider tagging for keywords, rather than for navigation. I mean, it does hinder navigation somewhat and the tags will only make sense to search engines, but it will drive more traffic to your site. Also, link your blog to Twitter and build a following (sloooowly – it’s the ONLY way). You won’t get any linkbacks from Twitter, but you can get people linking to your blog posts, retweeting, et cetera, and these will provide linkbacks where you need them. You can actually just set up a Twitterfeed account and feed your WordPress (or other) RSS feed into it, and then feed it to Twitter. Or better yet, [URL=“”]PING. And then connect ALL of your other social networking sites for your blog to your ping account.

But be careful with this model, because it’s easy to “over-use” the Twitterfeed setup. I personally just use it to update my twitter or my ping for networks that I’m usually a part of regularly (so I’m actually inter-acting with these accounts, not just auto-feeding. Which, “spam” or no, is just kind of boring. lol And nobody likes boring. But a little automation, combined with some viral marketing and … let’s see … some good blog content … can go a long way.

Now give it a few weeks. If you’re lucky. Unless you have money, there is generally no quick money/traffic on the Internet (as a rule of thumb, not as a rule).

I’ve found that this has actually brought me traffic without doing much else (like blog comments, forum posts, directory listings, etc.). I have a blog that I’m running as an experiment, for now, to test this. It works, if people are interested in the content!

And then do the hard stuff – the footwork – like forum posts, comments, articles, etc. and make them honest and relevant. Do your boring directory listing stuff, too. Because it’s great groundwork. Keep updating, keep working, keep building your following and do a little every day.

Eventually, with good content, it will pick up and spread on its own.

Short term
Use PTC to get on quicktraffic
Use traffic exchange
Post mass advertise to a free advertisement website

Long term
Write thread in forum
Write a good content
Comment and leave your link in high rank do follow sites
Hope fresh enough:)

the main thing one can do in their blogs are:

  1. Fresh and interesting contents
  2. Book marking them.
  3. Working aggressively on social networking and
  4. blog commenting

Thanks for the tips, everyone.

Can you explain this one?

Use PTC to get on quicktraffic

I’m not familiar with those terms.

Good steps. At first, content of blogs must be attractive.

This is a lot like someone who learns to tie their shoes then wants to spread this gift of enlightenment to others so they can learn to tie their shoes.

yeah good stuff

Can you please provide a source about this? I’m just curious. I tried searching linkbait but I can’t find what Matt Cutts exactly say.

IMHO, here’s my comment

  • update blog - Yes, update it with unique and interesting content for your target audience
  • Insert Keywords - Yes, however. What if? your keywords is not effective? you must have a back plan at least a keyword performance check.
  • Submit blog to Search Engine - Yes, for faster indexing and submit it to other link building avenues besides directory.
  • Blog Directory - It helps as a source of quality inlinks to your blog.

Plus - innovation on the features of your blog, such like a suggestion box and provide a RSS feed for other concern visitors to your blog.

Is it beneficial to post it to yahoo answers?


Although the term “linkbait” sounds deceitful, Matt Cutts of Google says that he
thinks of link bait as something interesting enough to catch one’s attention.

Juicy headlines!

Linkbait? Now that’s a new one, but I think I like it.

I’ll need to google it–

Create very good and nice content.
Do some link building
Always update your blog

These are the best ways to increase your blog’s traffic.

A blog is really no different to any other site of website, in terms of anything other than the actual onsite tweaking or content generation, it is all the same - you are just talking about marketing a site.

Here is mine

  1. Guest post writing
  2. Social Media- Twitter, Facebook
  3. video marketing
  4. Social Bookmarking
  5. Blog commenting/Forum posting
  6. Cross-promotion

One most important thing you forget is that-

keep updating blog with new interesting and useful posts. subit it to rss dirctories. Also not forget to ping each time you update the blog.

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