Sweet things for your sweetheart

What are some sweet things you guys do for your ladies? I’m running out of ideas of things to do for my girl. I usually show up and suprise her, or buy her something like a milkshake while shes working.

Hmmm after a very trying day…

  1. Give her a very nice back massage.

  2. Then proceed to draw her a nice hot steaming bubble bath.

  3. Once she is done and you have set up your romantic dinner with candle light put your hands over her eyes and lead her to the table and surprise her once again.

  4. After dessert (which I recommend to be Cheesecake of course if your allergic to it god forbid then don’t get it :P) proceed to hand her a envelope which inside holds two tickets for her and a friend for one free weekend at some nice spa, or one if you just want to spoil her.

Thus the night is complete and you are in good steading with your girl.

When I was in high school, it was a big deal to call the (one and only) top 40 radio station and have a song dedicated to your girlfriend or boyfriend. Don’t know if radio stations still do that.

Give her a very nice back massage.

Not bad :slight_smile: But I have a hot bath already for her, with a pair of towels on standby :wink:

The massaging comes later :smiley:

Ahhh hits head don’t do the bath first, it will just relax her muscles so the massage doesn’t feel as good when its first. Oh well :stuck_out_tongue: Nice job ;D

Depend on what’s the girl wants…

If she prefer to have a rest after work…then make her feels comfortable …like prepare dinner for her, massage her, play some soft music…and so on…(treat her like queen)

If she prefer something that can surprise her… then once a while buy her flowers, dresses, accessories, or create some romance evironment for her…such as candlelight dinner, with Jazz music, wine and so on…

Next, you need to ask the ladies what their idea of this might be. :slight_smile:

You definitely have game. :tup:

Thank you ^^ unfortunatly I have neither the money nor the courage to have a girl ;(

awwwwwwwwwwwwww :frowning:

Hard to believe, Calim. Some girl is missing out then. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much ^^

Give her an 1 carat + Tiffany engagement ring during a night that she will never forget and she will love you forever. Trust me. :wink:

Cynthia and i have been together now for almost 3 years.

this one time, when we had our first argument, she said she didnt want to talk to me. so i went to where she worked with 3 dozen roses.
before i arrived at her work, i seperated the bundle of roses into 6 seperate bouquets of 6 roses each.
each bouquet had one of 6 different portraits that we had taken together the previous Christmas, attached to them. and along with each mini-bouquet, i had also attached a 3"x3" sticky note.

each of the 6 notes had 1 of 6 words and they were sent in to her in seqeuential order by 6 random people who were entering where she worked.
i had offered each of them a little $ to help me out here, and only the females didnt want to accept my offering and turned it down only cause they wanted to watch.

the 6 words were:

needless to say, we ahvent had a fight in over 2 years.

Jammo, you are a master.

I always bought my girl cuddly things like soft teddy bears etc
she also loved gerbera’s so i would normally attach the toy to the flower and write her a little poetry…although personally i thought my poetry sucked, she was always happy to recieve one of my poems…

hehe just to admit id also slip a hint of my geekyness in just to make a lasting impression… for example i bought a tux plush toy once :stuck_out_tongue:

small things make all the difference though…

agh i miss her :bawling: my advice probably sucks and i dont really wish to make a fool of myself by expressing myself on a forum …

aw thanks.

im quite the romantist (sp?).

jeeeze! calim and jammo you should tell my boyfriend about those ideas!

Flowers are always an excellent thing. It’s a classic but it will always make your girlfriend at time (it aleast they make mine).
Have you thought about a nice restaurant maybe? You could take a little dessert with you and then, after the café, tell her that you have a surprise for the dessert. Drive to a quiet place and eat the dessert under the moon.

Another common technic is to buy beers and popcorn. Watch some football and don’t even look at her. Don’t forget to yell at the referee.

That should do the trick.


I am not so keen on flowers and cuddly toys etc. I like them but they are very cliche and do not take much thinking. I woould prefer it if a man DID something, rather than bought something. I went out with this guy who thought that the more expensive the gift then the more adoration he deserved so he kept buying me things. After a while that is all they are - things.