Giving Girl Your Number

I am getting a cell phone soon.
I would like to be able to give a girl my phone number someday.

Is this a good way to try to get to know a woman?
Where do you find them at?

SELECT fish 
FROM sea 
    rating > 7 
    personality > 8 

No, it is not a good way to get to know a woman. If you give them your number, they will never call. Ask a woman for her number.

indeed where do u find “them” :rolleyes:

I keep mine in a box under the bed, a few seconds with the air pump and we’re good for a romantic evening.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Under rocks, down in holes… The usual places.


i can see why you guys are still single :rofl:

Go to the disco ! :lol:

Absolutely. Actually, it’s the only way to getting to know a woman. Don’t try anything else as it’ll fail.

In your head! :eye:

He really has a big head :slight_smile:

Just try a few dating sites that might work! :smiley:

It worked ? It’s pretty good ! (:

I think beach is also a good place to find …

to find fish or women lol :goof:

:smiley: Meeting people in club cannot be trusted :stuck_out_tongue: Because most of them are player… Disco is a good place wherein you want to chill and get nasty… :smiley: But if you’re looking for a serious relationship don’t find it… LET LOVE FIND YOU… :slight_smile:

Try local libraries or coffee shops (not starbucks), the smart sexy ones hang out there. Also get their number don’t give them yours it will totally screw up your game. Also you could try somewhat crowded places if you’re not too creepy, like movie theaters everyone always out smoking, if you don’t smoke then you might want to consider picking it up.

You could not even bother with the cell phone and call them from different random payphones each time and pretend like you have some sort of important private detective job. Good luck!

Hi mari its upto the talent if any body have talent then he will catch both;)

Well, Cecille, it’s easy to say let love to find you…the love is skittish and you have to find it…love is all around…how nice :lol:

I can see two major problems with this routine. The first is that it was created to select fishes from the sea, not women. You may think that it is the same but there are certain subtle differences and this code will fail as it doesn’t take them into consideration.

The second problem comes with the definition of concepts such as rating or personality which are subjective and, again, the code is not reflecting this.

And no, I don’t want your telephone number or I will give you mine. Sorry. :slight_smile:

Marmaids, maybe? :smiley:

Where are you, Ariel ?! :stuck_out_tongue: