Tips for Making a Girl Feel Liked


Can you guys post a few tips (like 5) of things that make a girl know you like them?

… LOL… Im serious though

Ask them out, that’s a good way :wink:

haha come on i know i can get better tips, I mean like when you are ON the date/hangout you know what Im saying LOL

PS: What happen to full resource, aka your old site?

Be funny, make her laugh. Talk. No flowery phrases or insincere blah. Those are a major turn-off.

Just talk to her like you’d talk to a friend. Don’t try too hard. The more you desperately try to flirt with her, the less likely you are to succeed. And by succeed, I don’t mean just getting to play tonsil tennis.

Above all, be yourself. If not, then it’ll get really difficult and unpleasant to keep up if she ends up liking someone you’re not.

The thing that I find the most attractive is confidence. If you don’t have it, fake it.

lols, i’ve heard something similar…

girls appreciate honesty more than any other quality in a man

if you can fake that, you got it made!


okay, here’s my tip, and it’s a beaut – just listen

she’s going to want you to talk, she might even ask you questions, but that’s a trick – she wants you to listen to her

and look at her while you’re listening, don’t be glancing off into the distance…

I’ll second “listening” - but go beyond that and be actively interested in her and ask questions showing that you’re interested.

Too many guys waste time blabbing about all their accomplishments, when being interested in her accomplishments would do much more to help your case. :smiley:

[FONT=“Georgia”]You know, it’s not the ‘making-her-feel-liked’ part that’s difficult.

It’s the ‘making-her-like-you-back’ part.

And especially if she’s alright-looking, she’ll have guys all day long telling her they like her. So you can do something to tell her you like her too. Nice… Now she knows… Doesn’t mean she’ll jump on you now.

So here’s a tip;

Live your Life!

Keep learning and growing. Somewhere through doing that you’ll accidentally give yourself real value (no, I don’t mean cash, I mean personal values) and one day you’ll meet up with her (or someone better[/FONT] :wink: [FONT=“Georgia”]) and she’ll actually be the one liking you!

Make sense?



[FONT=“Georgia”]Or if all else fails, give her a glass of gherkins.




Women are tricksy creatures, they say one thing but mean something else. :stuck_out_tongue:

You could always act like a psychiatrist and keep responding with “and how does that make you feel?”, couldn’t hurt :smiley: