How to talk to a girl?

I am wondering if anyone has any experience with talking to a girl. They seem to be rare jewel around where I live, and I would like to get a wife someday because a good wife is a treasure.

On the computer I can write a string and get an expected result. But a girl is not wired this way, they seem very hard to figure out.

Where is a good place to talk to a girl? And how do you tell her that you want to hang out? Because I see a lot of guys that get girls and I can’t figure out what in the world they are saying to them.

I could not want to ask this question anymore!

How do they do it, cliché pick up lines are rejected and saying u wanna hang is simple and lame :frowning:

I can’t wait for some advice! It would be nice if a girl could reply to tell us her view

How old are you 2 guys? :slight_smile:

How you approach women depends to a large extent on the age group you are after.

My friend their is no fixed place where you can find good girl to talk to, it depends on luck as well as destiny. So just wait for your girl.

Just be your self but don’t be overconfident. Speak nice and cool. Look smart and smile. That’s how it is for me.

I’m not a girl, so can’t offer anything :rofl:

But yeah I just find being jokey & same as you would speak to blokes.

Ignore the boobs & other bits, you’ll find they’re not from another planet. Those that are, ignore, they’re dull. Or possibly aliens.

Why does ‘Big bang theory’ come to mind… :shifty:

Just kidding :wink:
I guess you’d better hope one of the women around here wants to give you some advice, it seems us men aren’t very good in the relating stuff :smiley:

I’m a girl and I marked in bold what I consider to be part of the problem.

Firstly, women aren’t objects. Men aren’t objects. Comparing a gender to your computer, car, jewelry and other treasured wotsits is a huge turn-off.

Secondly, women aren’t hard to figure out. There’s no myth. Yes, women are different to men. Both genders have to figure out at least some of the differences, if they want to get along well, and most men seem capable of that. Making it a problem is the problem.

I think women are a myth even more now! I can’t figure out why any of what I wrote is a bad thing. “A Jewel”, I obviously don’t think a woman is an object like a diamond, it’s a saying in USA that means a good thing. A treasure is also a good thing, a treasure is something you would hold close to your heart that is worth a lot of value.

lol Maleika - you crack me up! :lol:

JREAM you need to abandon your ideas on women before you can actually talk to them! You just need to talk to a girl as you would talk to a man - we aren’t any different really you know!

The rest of the world isn’t all that different from the US, so I do understand what you mean with treasure. And that is why I said that I think your view of women is a problematic view to have. But hey, perhaps there are women who like to be seen that way, as a treasure, as something that is “worth a lot of value”. I’d like to think that most women simply like to be seen for who they are. And you can’t possibly see them for who they are if you make a myth out of them and project your set ideas onto them. It just isn’t going to work that way, at least not for anything sincere.

And, just like Hazel said, why not throw out your idea of what a woman is, and confront them in the way you’d confront your own gender. Most modern women, or women that I know, like their men to be just men, period. No need to put women on a pedestal and thus creating a superficial distance between yourself and them, one that consequentially makes a natural confrontation impossible.

Tish tosh.

Sounds to me like your problem isn’t with talking with girls but with self-confidence when it comes to the ladies.

If you’re confident, the women will come to you.

When I was young I had no self-confidence and it showed with my success with women. I went off to university and made a decision to flirt with every girl that I met and to project self-confidence whether I had any or not, it made a huge difference as far as success levels with the ladies went. I got rejected lots but I learned a lot from those experiences, what worked, what didn’t and most importantly of all that rejection really doesn’t hurt all that much and that no matter what you’re not going to have every girl interested in you so live with it and move on.

How to talk to a girl? Like a god damn man! :wink:

You don’t “have” to understand girls, you need to feel with them.

lol mizwizzy - you crack me up! :lol: This is something you’ll never see me do ! :lol:

Why, oh Why! Because that means, following your logic, talking to a man like I talk to a girl!!! Get it! :rofl:

I’m sorry to tell you mizwizzy, but you need a thread of your own: “How to talk to a boy?” :wink: Because, let me tell you: We, men are SO MUCH different from you, women (and vice versa, of course), that none of us will ever really fully understand.

Why, oh Why? Because, yes, we can understand each other on day to day basis, but the boy was asking what to do when he likes a girl. And by simply being blunt and dry, he’ll never get a girl he likes to be interested in him.

One thing women in this thread tried to tell you: you don’t need a set up. But don’t expect them to hand over the key !

Just approach the girl (in the most obvious way possible, I may add :wink: ) and if she likes you, the place or the words have less to do with it. Otherwise, you may need to work harder if you really want the girl: be persistent, be inventive, be smart, be funny. In your own way. It’s bound that some girls will find it attractive. And some will not. But hey, that’s life, my boy! :slight_smile:

Ahem…sounds somewhat paradox to me. “I haven’t a clue what you mean, but I want you to know that I feel with you!” By jolly, that man would be so outta here! :smiley:

Hmmm… You’re trying to make it harder for me. As expected! (Part of the dance ;))

My thoughts: it’s not about the brain here. It’s about instincts, feelings. I’m sure (basic :lol:) understanding is required, but w/o attraction, there is no happy marriage for our boy here :slight_smile:

Off Topic:

Hey Maleika, what you’re doing later. Care for an evening out together? It’ll be fun, I promise!

:shifty: What the…! feel with them? are you serious? Gimme a break! Haven’t you seen GI Jane?! :rolleyes:

I get it, I get it! And what of it! :stuck_out_tongue: There are many men/women out there who talk to girls and guys the same way, if you get me!

I didn’t realise I was being blunt and dry - I thought I was being direct and my usual chirpy self! My point is to be yourself, regardless of gender, you treat people as you find them - men or women. It’s a bit untoward to approach someone with the intent of smoothing them over, he’ll never get anywhere with that method! Ditching the “jewel” title as Maleika suggested is a good starting point, the fact that JREAM believes there is nothing strange about calling a girl that, in this day and age, is obvious where the problem lies…:rolleyes:

It’s all about social skills at the end of the day - if you don’t have them it’s going to be difficult but in time you will get them - as tke said, you just need to get out there and let go, live a little and things will fall into place.

And with regard to “how to talk to a boy” stinger comment - let me tell you mr noonope I can talk to anyone tyvm :cool:

Typical :lol:! I said:

[…] by simply being blunt and dry, he’ll never get a girl he likes to be interested in him […]

Never ever have I said about you being that, blunt and dry :cool: That would be mean. Which I’m not.

Yes, I agree he should be him self, but

It’s a bit untoward to approach someone with the intent of smoothing them over, he’ll never get anywhere with that method!

sounds to me like treating the person you like/care/love like everyone else. I, personally, would be offended to be treated as such by the persons I find special in my life :nono:

The stinger comment holds true… when it comes to romantic involvement. There are everyday social interactions, and there are special encounters with people making our life worth living.

Sure, but I’ll pay for the drinks. And the food. And the taxi. :eye:

Instincts are good, without a doubt, yes. Buuuuuuuut, I’d argue that, a) many have lost access to that part of their being and, b) instinct will only get you so far. At some point, you have to get to the beef of the thing, the brainy stuff, or else it’ll be a very unsatisfying, frustrating connection.

Sense and Sensibility, don’t you know. They go hand in hand. Well, sometimes, anyway. :x

Who said anything about eating or drinking :wink: That would be boring not fun!!! (Well, not boring, to be honest, but for a first date, it’s a bit too safe for my taste :)) What time suits you best? When can you let go of the day’s problems and be ready to unwind?! :bouncy2: I can’t wait for this date!

Hmmm… Taking our selfs too serious can also make for a very unsatisfying, frustrating connection.

Children have so much fun together and are also so brutally honest with each other (two things I find more to be mature!) just because they act out on their instincts rather then on overanalyzed rationality.

Spontaneity as opposed to lingering decisions. Which seems to me it’s the OP problem.

Eh typical right back at you Sir, and btw it’s not a mean comment but you did indeed say …

Why, oh Why? Because, yes, we can understand each other on day to day basis, but the boy was asking what to do when he likes a girl. And by simply being blunt and dry, he’ll never get a girl he likes to be interested in him.

So who else were you talking to there in that paragraph :stuck_out_tongue: Are you now saying it was “one cannot be blunt and dry” :wink:

Well I wouldn’t be offended by my bf smoothing me over :rofl: - that’s natural - it’s not good when a total stranger puts the “moves” on you with the intent of smoothing you over with cringing words/titles - that’s what I’m talking about there…

Not at all - if you’re interested in someone and the sentiment is reciprocated you don’t need to think about what way you talk or what you say - if you’re worrying about that then you’re in the wrong place with the wrong person buddy :smiley: I’m not too sure about these “special encounters” you’re referring to though :shifty:

Never have I not been myself in any social setting or with anyone else, male/female. Why be something you’re not? Why wouldn’t you wanna be yourself? Not being yourself means not being true to you and the person you meet as they don’t see the real you, only a facade! If you have to work at impressing someone IMO it’s not worth the hassle :cool: