Best way to get a black eye?

Im trying to get a black eye as easily and painless as possible.
Its hard to punch my face, I have to do it a few times to get one
and it will hurt real bad.

I was thinking of putting a candle over my eye socket and hitting it with a hammer. But I want the most painless method.

Im not doing this for any reason. I guess to add excitement to my life.

Go to the nearest shopping facility and grab the sweetest *** you see. You will either get your black eye or you will forget all about wanting one.


How does a black eye add excitement?

If you really want one, go up to a slightly larger woman (preferably with her boyfriend/husband) and ask “When’s the baby due?”. You’ll be knocked out cold, but you’ll wake up with a slight headache and a definite black eye. Guaranteed or your money back.

best way to get a black eye?

talk inappropriately to my daughter :smiley:

I guess to add excitement to my life.

LOL - and the usual extreme sports have failed you?


Consider an e-black eye. Done!

As for painless black eyes… are you kidding? Try maskara - painless and definitely exciting! :shifty:

haha you guys are funny.
haha, I dont wanna do anything innapropriate though, dont want a bad name. But my online reputation is more important, weird.

I dont know I just been sitting here and feeling like punching my face because I am so stupid, like maybe a hit in the head or a mark of damage will get my brain to work again and I can get motivation. Know what I mean?

if you pay me the flight tickets to Florida I am willing to help you for free :agree:
Also doing that to get some excitement?
ouh you know I can really really change your life!!

You just want a ticket to Florida to see Vinnie…


Break your nose then you’ll get two for the price of one.

Paint your eye black.

Or go out, and tell the first nice girl you see: “would you E-marry me?”*
*kneeling is Advised that way she can kick you with her feet :wink:

add this to the smiley :lostseed:

the best way to get a black eye is to keep making silly threads about certain SP members and there so called “subtle romances”!!! :smashy:

haha you guys are hilarious.

now that i think about it im glad i didnt give myself a black eye that would have been stupid. :blush: but i was seriously considering it and i gave my face a few practice punches. lol, i didn’t only wuss out but i changed my mind too. Im a quitter :smiley:

No! not at all that’s funny! and very fashionable!

Be standing directly behind a somewhat chesty woman as you scream behind her, making her jump and turn suddenly? :slight_smile:

that was shot a long, long time ago

The easiest and most painless way, ummmmm. I know, let me show you something, it is very far away though, but you may use my binoculars.