Some hot tips for blogging

1)Subject that interest
Select topics that interest you and on which you can write comfortably

2)Link your posts
Try giving a list six or seven links to information related to your topic

3)Be clear and simple
Write in simple language, with short sentences and paragraphs

4)Pictures tell a lot
Use pictures to dress up your blog entries

Hope these tips will help u being a good blogger and a good SEO


This is very true about blogging

I agree it is important to know yourself what your blog niche is.

Too often in the search for more and more content we tend to diversify away from our core niche and the blog itself becomes tangential and vague.

Keep it strictly on topic so it is a niche specialist/authority.

Knowing your specific market and clearly identifying FOR YOURSELF your specific niche, is #1 if you’re going to be effective.

I would also say to write about current events or popular trends. They have a great way of picking up more traffic and notice.

Thanks for the info. Some more ideas that i want to say.

  1. Try concentrate more on content than visitors.
  2. Answer to your visitors comments.
  3. Dont fill with full of ads, it will run the visitors away.
  4. Give credit to owner of the original content.

People love to see pics, also you can add some pics with hot babes also (non nude of course)…

I think six or seven links is too much. One link, maybe a site you’re promoting, can be enough.

Just a friendly reminder.

This thread is in a Content forum.

Please keep the replies Content related.

For #2 I use target=“_blank” to open a new window and they don’t leave my blog.

When it comes to creating content, I stay on top of that game, because I always strive for good search engine rankings!

I wouldn’t really choose 2 because it sometimes forces new visitors right out of your blog, thus they forget about your blog :frowning:

Write your very own ebook and feature 2 chapters of it to your blog subscribers via email. Then offer the incentive to buy that ebook from you.

When writing articles, I just talk naturally about the topic I’m conversing about online, and have a good source of knowledge about it, so that I don’t sound discombobulated!


Most people will click your article because of the pics.

Most of them will return if your article is good.

And will be regular visitors if you consistently giving them good content.

BUT these regular visitors usually don’t click your ads. The clicks are coming from search engine visitors.

Hehe yes diagrams and charts work also, but adding here a there a hottie in lingerie can drive some bookmarkers :slight_smile:

You might also think about using videos, make sure that they are short and strait to the point.:slight_smile:

I couldn’t agree more on number 4 tip. After I started using better looking and more interested pics on my blog, number of returning visitors increased, and they also spent more time on blog.
And on number 2, I don’t think I can agree with that, 6 or 7 in one post is a bit too much. I usually go with 1-3 links.

Don’t forget to research about your subject before you start to write your article. Also, consider proper order in presenting information too. If needed, try including not just hot babes but some diagrams, charts too.

Do you have free wordpress plug in that does SEO like vBulletin?

a wp plugin exists for 2)