Ways to turn your Blog Posts SEO Friendly

There are numerous things that a blogger can do to turn the blog posts more optimized and make them more SEO friendly. This is done mainly to acquire better search engine positions naturally.

But note that the SEO optimized posts alone will not help you to acquire a top position in Google or any other search engine. At the beginning when your posts are indexed and cached, it is quite possible to get number 1 ranking. But this is only a temporary ranking. Extremely helpful for niche marketing, the SEO optimized can help you get targeted traffic at a rapid pace. In case your niche website is optimized to sell Adsense, you might be able to enjoy a bit of short term income once your SEO optimized posts hit the front page.

To retain that SEO optimized post in top position in Search Engine Results Page, you are required to have high quality incoming links. The greater the Page Rank of the incoming links, the better will your PR fare. This method of incoming link building is often time-consuming and monotonous. However, in the bigger scheme of things, it is necessary if you desire to dominate Google and/or your niches.


Yeah quality links plays an important role but of course with great content and regular update!

I couldn’t agree more! But a blogger should also give importance to sites that are related to his niche. In that way, you can gather quality links and also traffic. :slight_smile:

Always keep in mind, Content is KING :slight_smile: So better update it regularly.

I use [COLOR=“Black”]seo plugins for Wordpress[/COLOR] that help a little. But one thing, either get 10 PR 1 blogs to link to your post or 2 PR 5 or higher blogs to link back to you.

I think you will find much better results if you can get 2 PR5 backlinks to your post then having 10 PR1 backlinks. Once the PR increases to levels of 5+ they hold significant value. It is easy to obtain PR1 backlinks but something complete different to obtain PR5+ backlinks and Google realises this and places great value on the higher PR backlinks.

I also agree with the origina post about sites receiving an initial spike in the rankings which will often drop. This has happened to several of my sites which were on the first page of Google within a week or so of uploading the site and then they drop significantly. Don’t lose heart from this, just keep building backlinks and content and they will steadily grow their SE rankings and hopefully end back at page 1 to stay.

Tell people to submit your blog post to social networking sites to help boost your site up for specific keyphrases.

I use allinoneseo plugin to optimize each post and WP page…

I’ve been wrong before, but I heard that the “value” of links is something like a base 8 scale - i.e. 1 PR2 link is worth 8 PR1 links and so on. So a PR3 link is worth the same as 64 PR1 links. This is no doubt very rough, and also depends how much that PR is diluted by the number of outbound links on the page etc.

Good points, but don’t automatically go seeking out a high PR backlink. Hopefully, everyone is trying to increase their PR, so if you can get a backlink on a PR 1 site now, it may go up to PR 3 or 4 at the next Google update - thus giving you a nice backlink. Chasing after high PR backlinks will waste a lot of your time. If you can get a backlink, take it. It may go up, it may not…

It is something like that. It makes more sense than the whole PR 5 = five PR 1 concept, if that is true, PR 10 is worth crap.

remove your blogname from the title, and uppercase the title.

commenting on blogs is also a great way to turn your blog posts into SEO friendly

Do you think it matters if blogger or wordpress host your blog versus downloading and running the software on tour own server?

creation of unique content for me. :slight_smile:

Yes I agree with you. But I think the most important is content which gives long term traffic by bringing them back.

Get good back links for those posts and basically promote them to any extent you want.

why not pepper them using special keywords…simple as that! And anchor your URL in the name tag

try submitting your feed in blog directories.
it will help many people to catch your blog posts.
it will also helps to increase backlinks

Having a good guidelines will lead to the betterment of your site. That’s why it needs to be updated when it comes to PR

I think that blogs like blogspot or wordpress are already optimized for SEO, so we don’t need to do…